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Biology Lab Strips After James Watson's Honorary Degrees "Unstoppable" race

In a photograph of James Watson 2015.
Photo: Ivan Sekretarev (AP)

Hot Spring Harbor Laboratories (CSHL) James Watson has been nominated for a Nobel Prize-winning 90-year-old scientist to determine the structure of the doped tubes with DNA, based on the 1950s his partner, Francis Crick, according to the British chemist's Rosalind, according to Franklin, The latest comment was "negligent", the CNN announced this weekend.

Watson has long been pointing out the doubtful view that, in a 1997 interview, he had not respected abortion rights: something that was quite controversial was that the man who did not specifically mention the hypothetical genes that would lead to homosexuality, dyslexia or lack of music would be the hypothesis. or as a valid motive for sports talent to end pregnancy. However, Watson is an example of a 2007 interview about allegedly negligent "view of Africa, which is particularly dark", such as intelligence gaps with the New York Times. In this interview, he also said that racial equality was true, but "people who face black workers are not true." Watson apologized, even though the incident was a semi-forced retreat as a laboratory rector and later a decision to sell the Nobel Prize.

However, Watson's decision to cancel honors and titles is the result American Masters: Watson DisassembleAired a PBS documentary earlier this month. In the interview, Watson said that he had not changed his views and believed that he had "ignored", a genetic link between races and intelligence, he wrote. He also said that he was not happy to take "the difference between black and white" and that "it is terrifying, as brilliant as schizophrenia."

The views of the Watson race are not scientifically unacceptable – Dr. San Francisco Collins said Times did not know that there was no credible investigation, which Watson could have had "profoundly unfortunate" effects; racial pseudoscience is a rising trend. While CNN dismissed Watson's administrative duties, CSHL will remove all other title honors until now:

In the 1990s, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) was labeled as "annoying" in New York's Long Island, where Watson was a director from 1968 to 1993.

In summary, "he has clearly denied the supposed and exciting opinion of Dr. James D. Watson's opinion," he said "the statements are hard" [and] science does not support ".

According to the Guardian, the titles have been canceled "between the Chancellor Emeritus, the Emeritus Professor Oliver R Grace, and a trusted honor."

The president of CSHL, Bruce Stillman, and the head of the Board of Trustees, Marilyn Simons, stated on Friday that the amount of the documentary Pats had worsened Watson's previous apology and "had to break the rest of his participation."

Dr. Watson has not participated in directing or conducting at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for over ten years, and CSHL has no other tasks or responsibilities …

The Hot Spring Harbor Laboratory Dr. Watson acknowledges and values ​​the most outstanding scientific heritage, a founding director of the Human Genome Project and a critical leadership in leadership and critical leadership in the field of research and educational development. However, statements made in the document are not fully compatible with our mission, values ​​and policies, and the rest of the rest of their participation must be broken.

"I think Watson's extensive support for CSHL's response to terrifying comments," explains Justin Kinney, CSHL Biologist, STATt. "The CSHL administration has been very proactive in finding out about this subject for everyone, as well as for members of broader scientific communities."

When Britain's Adam Rutherford argued in 2014, when Watson denounced the scientific community when he denounced an interview, he called "a pernicious character that is not scientifically related, but it's been a long time since then." Watson and Cricken's key roles Since Ray 51, Franklin and graduate assistant Ray Gosling in King's College London, who obtained knowledge or permission from Franklin through Maurice Wilkins's auditors. (Franklin never received a Nobel Prize in 1958 , received four years earlier).

Rutherford stated in Watson's 1968 book Double helixWatson mentioned Franklin's mention of "Rosy" ("no evidence whatsoever anyone") and wrote bad reviews about his physical appearance. In 2018, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine published gender-based persecution in science. Science Mag was able to discuss condemned Watson's writings that Franklin's 'belligerent moods' prevented Wilkins from "maintaining himself". The dominant position he thought could be against the DNA, "he also had to take his place." According to the magazine, Crick mentioned in the 1993 book Nobel Prize in Science As acknowledged, "We always always use, let's say, his patronizing attitude."


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