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Bitumen puck pilot program – New Companies

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The Canadian National Railway plans to build a $ 50 million pilot vehicle next year to create trains with ocean trains to transport trains and ships worldwide.

CN has worked for a long time with a heavyweight and heavy polymer plastic technology that covers and covers a CanaPux product that sells railroad cars and flows.

Trains have discussions with federal governments and Alberta, potential oil industry partners and North Lake Heartland First Nation in Alberta to finance a 10,000 kilogram pilot plant, said James Cairns, vice president of oil and chemicals at CN.

"To date, it is unjustifiably in both levels of government, we must now see that it is a financial commitment," he said on Thursday in an interview.

"Ideally, we want … a third government, a third CN and a third industry."

If it is piloting, CN would build a commercial size plant that would convert 50,000 barrels per day crude pucks a day.

Bitumen is usually diluted with lighter oils during oil recovery, with more diluents added to the pipe flow.

CN Plant has been installing a dilute recovery plant in conjunction with the CanaPux commercial facility to recover valuable recovery, Cairns said.

The CN has signed a memorandum of understanding for its interest in processing and selling Asian oil and polymer importing pucks and importing pucks in their country, adding more detail.

Cairns said that pucks could generate profits to achieve a more risky environment for Alberta bitumen and other heavy crude oil into the sector's markets.

"It will not replace the pipes, or even close them," said Cairns.

"This is just another idea, another way to market the Canadian product to build it."


First time home buyers number B.C. This year, due largely to higher mortgages.

The Notaries Association BC has published its 2019 annual real estate report and the survey is more difficult to buy at home.

Nearly 200 notaries of the provinces participated in the survey, and 59 per cent for the first time the number of buyers fell in 2018. Eight percent did not change, although 13 percent believed it was increasing.

"It's amazing that many first-time buyers find ways to get out of the way home, with significant restrictions and potentials with the highest interest rates being wiser or paying more for pending payments to decide." The president of the BC Notarial Association, Daniel Boisvert, said in a press release.

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December 27, 2018 / 2:15 pm | Story:

A new report from the National Energy National Energy says "the prime factor" of "Outstanding Canadian Foreign Discounts" is that the oil production export pipeline has the highest capacity of around 365,000 barrels per day.

The foreign report includes Amarjeet Sohi Natural Resources Attorney. In it, we asked that the NEB already have tips for optimizing gasoline and rail transport.

The NEB has published the online forum to bring public revenue, and in January it will meet with producers, carriers, government officials and other experts to raise further response from the Minister.

According to the report, according to the capacity of Canadian oil pipelines, there are around a million barrels around 2013 and 2016, but it has not been since.

Canada's sustainable durability pipe capacity was 3.95 million barrels per day, but oil production was around 4.3 million barrels per day.

Discounts were reduced at the beginning of December, the Alberta government announced a temporary reduction of 325,000 barrels a day from January 1 to restore and store the normal market price.


Dec 27, 2018 / 10:57 a.m. | Story:

Enbridge has earned a return of $ 14.7 million due to the Canadian non-paying federal energy regulator.

The Ipar Gateway pipeline allegedly linked Alberta's oil in Kitimat Harbor, B.C., but plans did not separate Lebanon from the federal traffic north-east of the British coast traffic.

With no oil retaining port, there was no point to send Alberta bitumen to Kitimat and the project was killed in 2016.

Enbridge paid $ 14.7 million in the National Energy Board to control pipeline construction and operation, since it was part of the construction price.

The energy company called for a quote this year and before Christmas, Justin Trudeau's cabinet agreed with the prime minister.

Enbridge said it lost $ 373 million in missed cost projects.

December 27, 2018 / 10:19 a.m. | Story:

World oil prices have put a gas mileage on the market at a lower price, but according to fuel price experts, motorists should meet the predicted forecasts this weekend.

Dan McTeague, one of the main oil analysts in, says that the price of petrol for 18 months, due to the global price of oil in the last two months, due to the economic downturn, the US and Chinese trade Tiff and OPEP oils sign producers do not have production cuts will exceed

Although oil prices are on Wednesday, the average fuel fuel keeps 101 million liters less each year in Alberta and Ontario, lowering 12 cents in Manitoba, Quebec less than six cents, three-centimeter drops in Scotland and three cents Lower Newfoundland and Labrador

McTeague has published prices in B.C. It increases two-tenths of a liter per liter compared to the same period of the previous year, but it would not reduce the import claims if they are not interrupted in Washington, due to the mid-December Olympic Vessels.

US benchmark West Texas Intermediate oil prices went to US $ 42.53 per night on Christmas Eve, up 44 percent at $ 44.7 US $, on October 3. US $ 46.22 was received on Wednesday, but Thursday's downward trend.

McTeagu means "extreme volatility" in the oil markets, at the beginning of 2019, that gasoline prices continue to be the loss of Canadian prices.

"I think that what we see here is that prices and prices of oil prices are pumped up to five to ten percent in a week, depending on what we would actually see. In 2019, extreme price movements," he said.

December 27, 2018 / 9:19 a.m. | Story:

The main Canadian stock market is expected to recover in 2019, in a decade, the exchange rate lost 15 per cent of its extreme volatility, including oil prices and geopolitical uncertainty.

"Our forecasts for 2019 are optimistic optimism," says Candice Bangsund, Fiera Capital's portfolio manager.

Shareholders expect bank bonds to improve, with global growth remaining relatively healthy with recession before the recession in 2020.

Markets are those that appear in the economic cycle marked by the longest bullfight in the history. Usually, investors move to growth-oriented stocks, such as financial, material, industry, and defense-related sectors.

"This will be for the TSX itself," said Bangsund, who has been looking to predict the return of two-digit low returns and increase the strength of new markets. Bangsund is not seen much in the US markets.

"That is, we will see the possibility of catching it there, but it will not be a long-term trade. In the middle of 2019, profits and locations will look a little bit more for 2020.

The S & P / TSX compound index decreased by 15 points in 2018, open on July 16, without any remaining business year. Therefore, the worst year would be in the market, with a 35.2 percentage point fall in 2008 during the recession.

The market was corrected in February and fell in October after reaching 16,586.46 in the middle of July. Subsequently, December 24, a yearly subscription of 13,776.88 fell on December 24.

"It was unfortunate for a typical ordinary balance to earn money from an investor," Bangsund said in a conversation.

The financial sector, the largest TSX accounting, fell by almost 15%. Energy, the second largest, fell by almost 32 percent, the West Texas Intermediate price dropped 26 percent and Canada's Canadian crude prices missed the ability to achieve Canada's capability.

Materials fell by around 14 per cent in gold and copper prices, U.S. dollar rising way

The technology sector has the same waves like the American exchanges, which earns about five percent, but only three percent of the TSX. The small healthcare sector decreased by 14% due to the enormous volatility of cannabis stocks, which allowed Canadian recreational consumption in October.

With the speed power selloff WTI ending up to $ 42.36 per barrel, Bangsund is forecasting $ 70 per barrel for WTI 2019, others see the mid- $ 50 and mid $ 60.

"The prices of oil prices are still very bullish and, as a result, our bullish call has been introduced in the Canadian dollar as well as the Canadian stock exchange," added Bangsund.

During the year, geopolitical uncertainty, with the discovery of the Italian budget, was also significant, along with the Breite Union. But the main elements that influenced the market were the Trump administration's protective agenda, the purpose of re-negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, threatening car prices and tackling China.

In the United States markets, it was also the worst in a decade in the first years of the year, driven by strong corporate profits from the technological sectors and the profits of federal taxes. Near the end of the year, the Dow Jones industry average and the S & P 500 indexes were approximately 12%, after reaching 25% and 20% in 2017.

In the public markets, at least over the next two years, the rise in interest rates and growth will increase, Kash Pashootan, CEO and chief investment officer announced First Avenue Investment Counsel Inc.

"We do not expect a major catastrophe or decline of the market, but at the same time, we are not excited to be the" strength of the strength and strength of the last few times we have seen ", he said.

Willingness for 2018 will continue next year, added Craig Fehr, Canadian market strategist for Edward Jones.

"I do not believe that the banner year will be compulsory," he said. "I do not think that when we repeat 2017 we saw big gains and a very different problem, but I think 2019 is a good year for debt markets."

BMO's economics chief Douglas Porter The TSX hopes to surpass the S & P 500 next year because it has been trading for seven years over the last five years.

"Usually, it's quite straightforward – when real prices of goods increase, TSX shine," he wrote in a note. "However, with a lot of bad news about reduced trade uncertainty (USMC) and energy news, we can see, at least relative, the rare win over the TSX next year."

April 27, 2018/7: 03 | Story:

Canadian Pacific Railway SL has unified the four-year agreement with Railways and Locomotives by Unifor.

Both parties reached Unifor Local 101R a tenth deal at the beginning of December. The previous contract will expire on December 31.

The agreement's details were not told, but United States President Unifor Jerry Dias said on December 2 he pushed significant gains.

December 27, 2018 / 6:32 a.m. | Story:

The Canadian economy became unexpectedly spectacular in 2018. The country begins in February 2001 in a healthy note, but the signs of weakness have raised a key question: how long until good times?

During the year 2018, the Canadian unemployment rate remained at a low level of 40 years and the creation of employment was strong, and the evidence was committed to the economy.

Handoff was also good, as the country published a three-third quarter of 2016 growth, mainly thanks to strong domestic spending. We have to wait a bit for the last few numbers, but advertisers have said that 2018 is likely to provide strong growth of two tenths of a percentage.

But, since 2019, strong economic growth has begun to show its age.

In the last month, the economic expression of the federal government's economy predicted a two-fold increase in 2019, but forecast at least oil prices at least.

In addition to low-cost combustion, experts are in financial markets, the American economy's forecast, a key contributor to Canadian growth, will start to cool and the UK Union's divorce will be difficult. global economy

We also have a thousand threats: escalating the war trade between Washington and Beijing.

In commerce, Canada filled the year with great uncertainty, including the complicated negotiation and negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Many non-commercial people will take it to the new year. In the face of the NAFTA 2.0 confirmation, more drama would be brought, America's steel and aluminum tariffs will not be damaged and it will continue to meet the two major Canadian trading partners.

"The cyclical downturn is always a reflection and, as I have said, the effects of a trade war between China and the United States may have a negative impact on the global economy," said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a recent Canadian press conference.

"When we are preparing rugged water, we will find them."

In Canada, among serious problems, such as increasing home equity, rising interest rates and slowing the rise in wages, "half-dreaded" half-yearly after the start of 2018, says Matt Stewart, Economics Director of The Conference Board Canada.

The highest interest rates, Stewart added, have been successful at home expenses, as the main driver of eight of Canada's best economic.

"It's been a long time since we had a recession," Stewart said. "I still think that most of the news are still positive, but there is a growing risk."

December 24, 2018 / 12:30 p. M | Story:

Without new cases of E. coli, he approached Roman loafers until mid-November, when leafy greenhouses were likely to be re-eaten, the Canadian Public Health Agency reported Monday.

A month ago, 29 people were sick of bacterial lettuce, especially in Quebec. He died a short while in Ontario and New Brunswick, and after traveling three times in British Columbia.

Damaged lettuce has come from three California counties and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has canceled imports. Food and Drug Administration United States has killed 59 people in the United States.

E. coli, feces and sometimes the presence of raw meat can cause serious digestive problems, including cramps and bloody diarrhea. The government said that no one was killed in the event, but 10 people were hospitalized in Canada and two were serious and persistent complications.

The bacterium of this outbreak is similar to E. coli genetic, as part of a similar appearance in 2017.

"This means that the same strain of E. coli causes disease in Canada and the United States as it was seen in 2017 and suggests that it could be a renewable source of contamination. The researchers are using evidence gathered in both scenarios to identify as possible the cause of contamination of these events," said the agencies

Researchers still do not know exactly how they infected lettuce, but the agency said people ate ill at home and in restaurants. Some people bought all the lettuce heads; Others get in salad mixes.

"Retailers and industrial partners continue to lead Roman lettuce in the Canadian market with growing regional boundaries and consumers can easily identify Latvian Latvians in the Canadian market," said the public health agency.

December 24, 2018 / 11:15 a.m. | Story:

Air Canada approved the applications for the purchase of the Aeroplan loyalty program before approving a federation permit before an agreement with a 450 million dollar deal.

Aeroplan Owner Aimia Inc. The company's shareholders will vote on January 8.

According to the airline, Air Canada is committed to purchasing Aeroplan business and will also have $ 1.9 million liabilities to holders of points, backed by two banks offering Aeroplan credit cards.

Toronto-Dominion Bank and Canada's Canadian Commercial Bank will pay Air Canada total $ 1.2 billion. Bank and Visa have maintained at least a 2030 loyalty program.

Aimia and the Montreal airlines have said Monday they have received the documents required under the Law of Competition and the Canadian Transportation Law.

December 24, 2018 / 8:43 a.m. | Story:

Canada's top stock indices and Loonie were down on Monday morning, following the downward trend they started last week, and the Canadian dollar against $ 19.

The Canadian dollar traded at 73.67 cents US, an average of 73.71 US cents on Friday.

The S & P / TSX compound index dropped at 45.80 points at 13.889.64 for the first 90 minutes of the short sale. The Stock Exchange of Toronto will be closed at 1:00 p.m. and tomorrow after tomorrow will open tomorrow.

In New York, the average Dow Jones industry dropped 309.15 points to 22,136.22. The S & P 500 index dropped 19.05 points at 2.397.83, while Nasdaq was down by 223.36 points to 6,305.03.

The gross contract last February dropped 91 cents to 44,600 dollars in $ 44 and in February the natural gas contract dropped 20 cents to $ 3.55 billion mbt.

In February, the gold contract was $ 10.30 in the US $ 1,268.40 ounce and the March copper contract fell by less than US $ 2.67 pounds.

December 23, 2018 / 8:07 pm | Story:

In the last 25 years, Edward Sonshine was named the Canadian center of commerce.

Nowadays, one of the biggest investors in real estate investment in the country wants to know more about housing.

"This is not what I am changing," said Sonshin at an interview in the Toronto headquarters of the Rio Summit.

"The change in our strategy has always been a changing world changing, changing business and changing the economy."

Since it was founded in 1993, RioCan has around 250 properties of retail, warehouse and office properties.

Over the past year, the company has been studying how to use retail trade and the best places in the market, many of which sit on existing or emerging transition seats.

Sonshin said that RioCan did not have the brain to become a mixed property property at retail outlets, adding wagering units and office spaces to growing demand for homes, especially in large urban cities.

In the last month, Canada Mortgage Homes Corp. has continued to exceed demand for rental housing due to immigration growth, between the population and its millennia.

"When people make purchases more difficult, they are renting, they need to live somewhere," said Sonshin. "The population of large cities continues to grow. Let's see, then, that the wages market will not be good".

Sonshine said the changes are serendipitous, because the company is already seeking a reduction in retail trade, consumer habits continue to make online purchases in a large shopping center.

"There is no belief that the demand for retail space in the next five or ten years will not grow," he said.

Sonshin crystallized in the first half of 2015, the most important tenant of the company, when the gilet retailer of the United States, Target, closed the premises of Canada.

Since then, RioCan has invested cities like London, Ontario, and Grande Prairie, Alta, and invests in the six major urban markets in the country, which project the greatest growth. By 2020, RioCan wants more than 90 percent of revenues higher than those created by big cities, from today's 75 percent to today.

There are currently eight built-in rental projects, or 2,300 units in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. In the first two quarters and in the summer of 2019 the first two actions will be launched.

Five years after, Sonshin's RioCan portfolio is home to 10% residential properties, five percent office properties, following the rest of the small market.

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