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Black Friday 2018: Online, China Stores Choir


Many online purchasers are not going to go to their desktops, or even recording their laptops. According to Adobe, more than half of online purchasers were shopping for mobile devices. Sales did not exceed 50 percent mark last year, said the company.

– Zach Wichter

Bargains become a tradition

There are three reasons why Black Friday is so popular, and two of them are, according to Tulin Erdem, Professor of Marketing at the University of New York School of Business.

"Economic savings, very good feeling, has been a smart consumer," he said. Additionally, as several stores offer sales on Friday, it's easier to find discounts without having to worry about it all year round.

But Dr. Erdem said, another reason, black Friday, is still a great tradition.

"He still has an appeal for ritualistic aspects," he said. "It's an important baseball game or American Super Bowl family."

[See how one family spent their Black Friday last year.]

The Retail Federation has analyzed 7,516 consumers this year to make purchases, and on Friday, 26% of Black Friday's traders say they are traditions. An additional 23 percent said they would make purchases to do something. (As far as we know, no one asks whether they are shopping for a family purchase).

Of course, Black Friday is just the beginning of things. Retailers get started before Thanksgiving is not discounted – and most of them seem – they are used with holiday buying times to push their merchandise every time. The biggest discounts will come "Super Saturday" Saturday before Christmas, said Craig Johnson, Chairman of Customer Growth Partners, a retail analysis company.

But Black Friday does not matter. According to surveys conducted by retail federations, Black Friday decided to make more purchases, every weekend on Thanksgiving weekend any other day.

And Black Friday keeps cultural shit, especially the "new Americans," said Mr. Johnson, who has more opportunities for future immigrants. "That's the American consumer that is learning to show and buy Friday Black."

– Zach Wichter

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