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Black Mirror in Bandersnatch & # 39; You can play a video game.

[Screenshot via YouTube]

Eagled-eyed viewers found the game when they saw a Tuckersoft website, a fictional game development company Stefan works.

Here you can download and play "Spectra Version" Nohzdyve, Get a little taste Black Mirror IRL.

According to Ren NMEIf you visit the site and download a "ZX Spectrum popular emulator", the game will eventually be able to play. It can make the effort to download the softwareYou can also find it here.

Shortly afterwards, you will see a retro adventure "seemingly endless void between the two buildings down!"

Black Mirror Season 5

Fifth Season Black Mirror It's officially for us. He said it was renewed in March during the fifth season, it will start next year in 2019.

In addition, many people believe it Black Mirror special Bandersnatch It was in the fifth season. However, the writers were cleared by confusion and confirmed that the new list of episodes is in work.

Bandersnatch Stream is now available. You can see a preview of the movie below!

Will you play Nohzdyve? Leave it in comments!

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