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Black Ops $ 1 Sells a Dad – Game Rant

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Years, Call of Duty The series costs $ 60 to start, the season is almost the cost of the basic game, and the characteristics of the microprocessing coaster have been criticized for making money. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 it's not different; COD Points currency, and Blackout battle royale mode to win over advanced games. Now the money to earn money from the game is burning up again, this time I think the price of a cosmetic is a bit expensive.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 It's selling a red dot dot for 100 COD Points, meaning $ 1 is translated into real world money. Open Dot, those interested in buying the Black Market item can actually get 50 points COD (or 50 cents) – until January 1.

Some may not have a problem selling the Shareholder to literally selling it to $ 1, others have criticized online decision. Some people believe that micro-media does not have any effect, if they do not buy it, others say, micro-transactions are often prey and directly affect the development of games.

black ops 4 open dot black market

In any case, in terms of the non-microcontent in the game, this is not the first time Black Ops 4 He has criticized his editing practice. The game Black Market game store is often criticized since it was launched, according to estimates, thousands of dollars would be taken to unlock everything in the game.

Unfortunately for anyone Black Ops 4 Those who want to see activists collect money to make money, it seems very difficult. Microproductions have proved to be highly profitable for the video game industry, as the Take-Two game editor says that all future gaming products will have micro-transports in some competencies. In fact, due to the profitable micro-transactions, it is clear that they remain here, such as events Star Wars Battlefront 2 The essay box discussions can be seen by gaming companies how to approach the way.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC, PS4 and Xbox One are nowadays.

Source: Multiplayer First (via Techspot)

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