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Bloomberg just leaked Apple's next iPhones, iPads and iOS 13 details (Dark Mode!)

Bloomberg Apple has announced the following features of the next iPhones, iPads and IOS 13, to explain what's up and about this year.

IPhone rumors make XI rear camera systems through @OnLeaks

iPhones with 3D cameras

According to unnamed sources, coming iPhones will have a "3-D camera more powerful as soon as next year", as they are supposed to intensify their efforts to intensify reality.

Bloomberg means a rear 3D back camera that works for 15 feet of an iPhone, scanning the room and creating 3D images.

The system believes that the laser scanner will also be expanded to capture better distances with depth, and the third camera will also be part of the configuration, including upgraded processors and photo tool tools, which come with the next versions of iPhones. sources

Apple's 3D camera system plans were tied to 2019 iPhones, but apparently delayed.

Sony can supply new sensors for this new system, sources say, Apple has spoken to the Japanese company.

2019 iPhone Row – With USB Car?

Apple will release newer iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models in 2019, the sources, D42 and D43 codes for the two latest models. The heir of the iPhone XS Max is said to have three cameras behind it, telling people what they know about.

The third camera of the IPhone is said to have a larger view area and zoom out, while more pixels are extracted. Apple also guesses the updated versions of Live Pictures, which would increase the video length of 3 to 6 seconds.

Apple makes USB-Cren tests on this year's iPhone models, previously rumored. 2019 iPhone models require a newer version of the processor and a new version of the new Face ID, but the wise design will look like 2018 models. Radical changes will come in 2020, when Apple launches iPhone 5G with the modem.

Earlier this month, alleged unexpected leaked three camera cameras showing the iPhone camera system.

New IPad Pro iPad camera and updated iPad and iPad mini

With regard to this whirlwind of a 3D laser-powered camera, the sources may say that the revision of the Apple Pro iPad Pro is prohibited, as in the spring of 2020.

Also, Apple's introduction This iPad refreshes this spring "roughly 10 inches on screen", with the faster processor, keeping the Lightning port, say the sources. The current screen size is 9.7 inches.

Apple's iPad mini comes with a new version, which is cheaper, the first major update for 2015. Those people who know the subject say.

iOS 13 in a dark way

Regarding the IOS 13, it expects this year to be released again at WWDC, Bloomberg looks like a long-awaited dark look, similar to what is available with MacOS Mojave, and CarPlay can take on new improvements. .

IOS 13 will bring new iPad updates, "new home screen, multi-page versions of a single app browser and file management improvements."

Apple's rumor magazine subscription service and the original video content will be coming this year.

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