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Blue Origin will immerse the suborbital attempts, which will not be delivered before next Friday – Spaceflight Now


NOTICE OF EDITOR: 9 AM EST (1400 GMT) on Tuesday announced a fleeting prediction attempt on Blue Origin. Updated at 10:30. The day of launching the new goal EST (0330 GMT on December 19).

Archive photo A new Shepard rocket in the West Origin test on Blue Origin before a previous flight. Credit: poor origin

Blue Shipper's New Origin company, West Texas, shook the envisaged wealth of the suborbital booster on Tuesday, due to the "issue of underground infrastructure".

Liftoff at 8:30 a.m. CST (9:30 a.m. EST; 1430 GMT) next Wednesday, Blue Origin's test distribution in the north, Van Hornen, Texas, but Blue Origin tweeted on this year's 8th.

"We are currently launching #NewShepard as a result of an infrastructure underway," Blue Origin tweeted Tuesday morning. "The vehicle is standing up. It's highlights tomorrow's weather according to the updates."

Blue Origin updated an update later on Tuesday tweeted: "It still continues to underground infrastructure and weather conditions in West Texas. The next news window window is the NET Friday 12/21 more reviews. Keep tuning for updates as we learn more."

When flying, the flight is expected to pass 60 kilometers above 100 kilometers of fuel, powered by the BE-3 hydrogen engine. The NASA research loads will fly on a New Shepard Booster capsule, but it will not start traveling.

Booster and capsules will shut off after the main rocket motor. Both vehicles will return to the Earth, by means of rocket, by controlling a vertical control over landfill, with a braking ash and a capsule in the desert floor a few kilometers.

Amazon Origin, a billionaire Amazon based and funded millionaire, plans to fly New Shepard next year. The boosting booster this week is the New Shepard propulsion module, Blue Origin, and the company says the New Shepard rocket is intended to move humans into suburbital space – the West Texas launch site near Seattle's factory.

The next flight will be the New Shepard vehicle's starting point and the fourth-time New Shepard Propulsion Module. Likewise, Blue Origin will be the first flight since July 18, when engineers demonstrated the ability to abort the vehicle's high altitude.

The engine of the solid abrasion engine of the capsule rapidly accelerates the artisans far away from the rockets, since the flight maneuver simulates the rapid escape of unplugging heights. The original blue had an abortion demonstration of low altitude in 2016.

The Blue Origin Booster and Crew Capsule will be deployed next July, scheduled for less than a week after being one of the main competitors in the suburbital tourist space market. Virgin Galactic flew his SpaceShipTwo rocket. space control for the first time in two pilot controls.

The SpaceShipTwo rocket plane reached 51.4 kilometers or 82.7 kilometers on Thursday's test flight, above the 50 mile mark of the US Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration, to determine the assigned astronauts. Blue Origin New Shepard flights, passengers and workers are not up to date, have reached a height of over 100 km (62 miles) of Karman, internationally recognized space boundaries.

On April 29, the New Shepard test was launched at an altitude of 351,000 meters, about 107 km. Bezos said the tall Blue Origin targets for New Shepard operating flights.

Blue Origin does not announce the prices for New Shepard to travel, and the company still has no deposits. Virgin Galactic will receive a cost of € 100,000 from SpaceShipTwo costs from hundreds of tourist spaces.

SpaceShipTwo uses Galactic of the Virgin Mary to use the airborne vehicle in space and on land, in a track running under pilot stairs, Blue Origin's fully automated New Shepard rocket and crew's speed capsule is running vertically from the start pad and continues with a propulsive landing booster and with the help of the parabola for the transport passenger module – the flight profile expected to prove the role of Tuesday.

"Jeff's companies are very similar to us, but the experience is very different for the passenger," said Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic and the Virgin Group chief, on Thursday with a conversation with CNBC. "The earth will be an underground rocket, it flies over our wheels and it's a spacecraft, it goes down on a parachute. Yes, I believe, they are very useful. I think people have tremendous experiences, and I believe that people both They will try to pay for it. "

NASA's 9 experiential-sponsored NASA-sponsored experiments, including universities and NASA's, explore the behavior of a non-toxic "green" micro-intelligence in a New Shepard space-based mission in New Shepard to test ways of measuring microgravity levels using sound waves in space testing of electronic refresh technology and measuring the natural electromagnetic fields inside and outside the nuclear space.

Among other NASA charges, scientists from the University of Florida's science research scientists have a better understanding of dust particles in other countries to respond to human and robotic contact and to evaluate the performance of an asteroid sample recovery mechanism, the gravity environment. New Shepard will also perform an experimental researcher to tackle future biological research, suborbital rockets, a vibration insulation platform, flight vibration and force protection, and record temperature, pressure, carbon dioxide levels, acoustic conditions and acceleration within the booth.

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