Friday , March 31 2023

Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving expects retirement for 30 years


Boston Celtics In front of Atlanta Hawks, State Farm Arena on Friday night, they will be the latest team of Hawks Cartoon, who is still fast approaching his 42nd birthday.

According to the Celtics Irish civil guard, his career will not last long.

"No, no" Irving smiled before the game prior to the shootings of the Celtics. "When it's over, I'm hoping that by the mid-thirties, I've done that."

Carter lost a 25,000-point fence on Wednesday at the Toronto Raptors loss. Irving, 26, passed a 10,000 point fence on Friday, also in Toronto, in Boston. But his reason is that he has not raced more than Carter, because basketball's desire is not enough, but everything that lives as an NBA star is out of court.

"I love basketball," said Irving. "But everything that comes? It does not matter to me, as regards my life. I enjoy it in the game, I enjoy myself with my friends in one day.

"Besides being an NBA player, I dreamed about having a baby. I think all of this is not at the same time as with other things.

"But I enjoy it, but I love this game".

He seemed to be looking for him and with other players abroad, to improve craftsmanship and efforts and to recover some of the strain generated.

"I would like to say, I do not want much detail, but I would like to say, sometimes, that we have had more empathy because we committed ourselves to one day. By bringing our bodies online, you need to understand the mental tension you are trying to enjoy one day without a doubt. , and, literally, the ball was sitting better than yesterday. It is anticipated, but we have signed all this [for], and I'm ready to take a sacrifice as much as possible to win in the championships and to be as successful as possible.

"I think that winning material does not matter more than ever. Small things are unique games that come in a single day and these guys are playing and still try to figure out what the challenge is for a basketball player to be better" What is my reputation? "Or" What can I do with the brand here? "Or something like that. It's all that, but I think that the love of the game must be completely fascinated with the NBA lifestyle."

Irving was called "F — Thanksgiving", at the end of the interview session, with Boston journalists, on Wednesday, Celtics took 9-9 season with the loss of Knicks.

When Irving joined her mother Standing Rock as a member of the Sioux Tribe, in August she joined Lakota's traditional nomination, along with her sister, Little Mountain. His opinion came from history, but he did not have any problems with those who are celebrating holidays, and it was not an appropriate way or a forum to express this vision.

"I think the message you want to send the message," said Irving. "Obviously, I am not disenchanted or neglected, Thanksgiving or something like that. [I] Clearly, after the frustrations of the game, it is impossible to do something that can not be said in a professional field, which I think of Thanksgiving and where I came from.

"I do not necessarily have to live in this center anymore, what I have said and how many social media it is and wherever it is, because there are a lot of people. But I think I have to make sure I have responsibility. Children, as well as adults and parents, understand [things] In that area, it does not mean that you are your beliefs and, of course, knowing where I came from and knowing where to come from my family, I would say something like that, but we should not say that, especially as children are listening.

"So I want to make an apology, saying, especially after such a woman, game … I will never want that position again."

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