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Braid: Kenney, even the scandal proves the greatness of UCP


UCP leader Jason Kenney

Greg Southam / Postmedia

Jason Kenney does not need to present his trumpet of the United Conscious Party's success. Likewise, it will use the allegations against the appointment of the party.

Asked about these positions, after passing the nomination of Calgary-East, Kenney showed the price of political success.

With lots of appointments and a strong power in the air, you'll get a good or a bit of apple with a lot of people, right?

Kenney Dreidel won a contest at a Hanukkah party. He won a great one.

But his argument also becomes true, in general. The average Grifter is not thinking four years in the opposition.

Kenney has said that the executive director of the party, Janice Harrington, is investigating allegations about the appointment of Calgary East. It also participates in the legal advice of the party.

"It's a criminal offense," Kenney said.

Harrington is not speaking, but we are aware that knowing that he was worried about some time and hoping he could not solve without advertising.

But Postmedia allegedly reported on Friday. Two affidavits of affidavit offered the petitioners say they were the supporters of Peter Singh, and they were asked to vote for the candidates' summons.

The United Conservative Party Calgary-East candidate Peter Singh has been published in a recent photo by UCP, issued by Postmedia on December 6, 2011 / UCP

The NDP was quick to pounce. Prime Minister Sarah Hoffman said police would force her to investigate the woman's position, using her credit card to buy a member of her party without her knowledge. Hoffman called him scams.

In court, Roy Thomson and Scott Burrell say they offered 20% bids for their work at Singh's auto shop or for $ 75, which they voted for.

The two men refused. Thomson proposed the night in which he was nominated, the man billed $ 100 and said he was his last offer.

It is important that these costs are not checked. Likewise, in both cases, Singh did not make the same offers, but he believes that people are supportive.

Singh has made the campaign wrong. Especially sourdough grapevine according to nominees. The party would not be amazed if all this were to end in court.

From the point of view of the party, these grapes are not bitter, they are living beings. And they are running out in a real political season.

Parliament abandons on Thursday, a full-day political warfare in the spring until the elections.

Near the end of the day, Calgary MLA Prab Gill, a UCP outcry after a report, filed an elderly party in a nomination that he had dropped votes.

Kenney spent $ 40,000 in a money-sized PAC that seems to have attacked Brian J. in a UCP leadership competition.

Gille also claimed against the report against the retired report Ted Carruthers that he was not guilty of being charged with the charges.


These people are reminded that they are stealing the government from the last six months, the night of noon on the night of 2015.

In the case of Calgary-East, four candidates who lost four candidates who signed a letter against the campaign against the Singh campaign were "among the fraud, forgery, improvisation and bribery".

The signers were part of Jamie Lall, PC endgame uproar, and former Chancellor Andre Chabot, Ward 10 and the mayor's candidate.

They also provided gifts and other impetus with names, addresses and telephone numbers about 150 people.

It has been taught by four friends who are nervous about the festival and their own bad publicity.

"Unless this situation is about to become public knowledge, we do not want to see it as an accomplice in this matter."

They have asked that Singhe should be removed as Calgary-East candidate.

A few days later, all the information became public.

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