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Braid: Otxa needs a wounded province


Alberta Premier Rachel Notley speaks of the predatory demand for oil production to face the price crisis and Canada predicts $ 80 million per day in Edmonton on Sunday, December 2, 2018.


Oil production in Alberta cuts are not the only signs in the province of problems. It is proof of a problem in the country.

The Notley government is doing the only way to boost prices and start closing the gap between Canadian oil and crude West Texas prices.

In this nation there is no other authority – no province and the Trudeau government is definitely willing to help with a serious loss of revenue of $ 80 million a day. They call it a "crisis", but they did not do anything.

Notley orders the government to cut productive cuts of 325,000 barrels, 8.7% of total current production.

For this reason, it will begin on January 1 and will last until the end of 2019, and full storage begins to move away.

This action is intensive and intrusive in nature. There is no needless exercise – ask about some of the most efficient oil producers in the world of oil production.

The cuts are punished by the workers' industry, who are victims of price decline. It drives a wedge between big and small businesses. The smaller companies are not affected.

Leeching cuts are like ancient medical practices. If enough blood is removed, the patient can get better.

But such a danger is that almost all of them accept these agreements. In reality, it seems that the plan seems reasonable and well-considered.

If it works, the government waits for a price gap with around $ 4 in cash.

It seems like a small effect, since real world gaps were as big as $ 40. But even if $ 4 billion of barrel earns $ 1.1 billion to raise money over government revenue over a year.

Over time, other factors, such as rail purchases and the completion of Line 3, are foreseen. Notley also focuses on diversification through new refineries.

But most Albanians know that Long-Term Solution is the end of Trans Mountain expansion, and Ottawa has purchased $ 4.5 million, which is why it did not hinder any queries.

It only opens the business after diesel – if ever – shipping capacity fully aligns with the production, and finally will release Canadian Canadian oil in the United States market.

Jason Kenney, United Conservative Party Chief

Jeff McIntosh /


Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party breaks off and notches Notley much trouble. He does not mention that his ministers and some MLAs were anti-pipe activists.

This measure is already underway in the 1980s, when compared to the production and shipping restrictions of Ontario, when Ontario and the federal government tried to get rid of the pirate industry from Alberta.

Oil and gas deposits were very effective in this fight. Prime Minister Don Gettyk signed petroleum export permits, asking Ontario prime minister Bill Davis to phone soon.

But He won the fight at that time.

Today, even if it exists be it money.

Trudeau's liberal campaign, a gradual recovery campaign in Alberta, has been a success, much earlier than anticipated, to add value and investment.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was considered the key player at the California Calgary Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, November 22, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency. Jim Wells / Postmedia

The nation's government has ensured that all victories are not oil. These production cuts would also win.

The history of this crisis is clear.

First, Harper Conservatives approved the Northern Pasaia, and then Liberal canceled the project.

Liberals effectively kill the Energy East project by changing environmental regulations through the approval process.

The federal court passed by Trans Mountain determined the blame imposed on August 30 on a regular federal inquiry.

Now, B.C. Gasi will take advantage of a large gas natural gas terminal in the port of the proposed port of Kitimat.


The power of Otxako B.C. It has been sickening, especially in the province of Horan, the government continues to control all aspects of transport in the province.

40-year-old Alberta has been the deepest crisis, largely due to federal power, which obsesses Ottawa's closure of an Ontario car installation.

This is how the country works these days in Alberta. Not ok

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