Tuesday , January 19 2021

Brampton (Ont.), Mayor & # 39; livid & # 39; The federated "convicted convicted pedophile" & # 39; in her city

Brampton (Ont.) Residents are "alive" with the decision of the federal government to take a woman who thinks they are sexually assaulted by a small girl.

Peel Provincial Council gave advice to the community security on Friday with Madilyn Harks, formerly Matthew Harks, to warn local residents.

We are very concerned that the federal government would condemn Pedofilo to the city of Brampton– The Mayor of Patrick Brown

Harks, 36, was sanctioned three times as a result of sexual assaults against girls under the age of eight, the police said, the victims added a youth member and a member of a church congregation.

"We are very concerned about why a federal pediatric condemned by the federal government would have thrown it into the city of Brampton, that is, it is a delinquent high-risk criminal in Canada," said Brampton mayor Patrick Brown CBC News on Saturday.

"That's it [Harks] Brampton's flow would be just what our community is alive. I believe that many believe that three sexual offenses are less than eight years of sexual assault, and this monster claims to have been victimized by 60 girls. "

Patrick Brown, the mayor of Brampton, says public security spokesman Ralph Goodale owes an explanation for his city's people. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

Harks is linked to long-term oversight orders, with many conditions, such as public swimming pools, newspapers, schools, children's playgrounds or community centers.

Harks is forbidden to be in front of children under the age of 14, a policeman has said, unless accompanied by an adult's supervisor under his or her conditional supervisor.

"Harks has a high risk of danger," said the police. They will also work with the Canadian Correctional Services to control their activities in the community.

The Ministry of Public Safety must explain

Brown said Public Security Lord Ralph Goodale owes an explanation to Brampton's people, and wrote to ask him to give it to him.

"That's it [Harks] "It's in our center four hours out of four hours," Brown said.

"It's unacceptable and … we want an explanation from Brampton, a person who does not have a relationship with the other parts of the country, how he would fall here. The youngest community in Canada is the excessive amount of children. It's totally unacceptable."

Brown's letter was also sent to several MPs in Brampton, and Canada, Chairman of the Board of Libraries, Jennifer Oades.

"We hope that the Minister will find a better location for this person, far away from our downtown youth and children," Brown said.

"This person committed a horrible event in another place in the country [Harks] It would be transported to Brampton, this is not a logic and we hope that the minister will respond. "

Peel Provincial Council said Friday that community security advisers were "acting as preventive measures".

"Although Madilyn Harks is a security risk to the public, he is still a Canadian citizen and his rights are guaranteed under the Rights and Freedom Charters," said the Police.

The police said they will violate their rights to act.

Meanwhile, the police say people should be careful to use Harks and parents should be aware of their children's activities and be aware of their own interaction.

The Peel District School Board also warns the resident of his presence at Harks Brampton, giving a tweet to the Peel County Police.

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