Tuesday , May 18 2021

Brantford lock closes the main ways to support pipeline protest at Wet & # 39; suwet

In the British solidarity demonstration of the First Nations community, protesters are protesting against underground access, Brantford people have blocked the two main roads in the community.

Highway 18 and Cockshutt Rd., The two main roads in Brantford have been blocked by 50 people.

There is a lot of Canadian protest with Wet & # 39; suwet & # 39; s in First Nation's supporters.

The Mowhawk nationwide Mowhawk in Akwesasne (west of Cornwall), on the 401 road, started at 50 km / hour speed to the west towards Belleville.

Another one also began in London this morning, a dozen dozen of the territory of Oneida, slowing the traffic of 402 and 401 roads at 60 km / h in two lanes.

14 people were detained on the BK site. where the pipe company created a camp to prevent it from entering the road.

Sonny Maracle is part of Brantford's blockage at Highway 18 and Cockshutt Rd. Wet & # 39; Suwet & Solidarity show B.C. (Kate Bueckert / CBC)

On Thursday, an agreement was reached with the leaders of the people and the RCMP, in order to carry out construction work defined in the provisional order prescribed by the company.

Sonny Maracle, a part of Brantford Lock, says "help our relatives to help the West".

"This week Wet & # 39; suwet's brothers and their sister-in-law have been invaded and jailed, claiming that their sovereign territories occupy their landless traditions," said Maracles in a press release from the Six Nations of Grand River Territory.

"As our own community of Northern Nation's Six Nations, our board of directors has stepped up its jurisdiction away with Hydro One, the Niagara Reinforcement line and Brantford."

We must keep ourselves, and we will put on those roads and we will work together as a nation.– Chief Myeengun, chief of Chippewas of Thames First Nation

Chief of Staff of Thames Chief Myeengun Henry showed his support as saying that he was "tired" of the Canadian government.

"We need to keep ourselves up and we will be on those roads and we will work together as a nation and people to come to our traditional territory and arrest them." said Henry.

"Canadian regulars here want to understand the true history of this country. The pacts we have jointly cooperated with, were in close contact with one another, and they were responsible for each other.

Henry also criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"His actions are not exactly what he is doing. He has gone back, he does not make any statements. How can the government of the country see all of Canada's actions and sit down and say nothing?" Said Henry.

Maracle says the blockade plans will be up to 6 months and if the police are not allowed to enter, the blockage will last.

Ken Johnston, Brant County OPP media spokesman, has blocked blocklocked roadblocks to go wherever they are.

He talked about the business group of the province, who talked about the organizers of the event, when he negotiated.

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