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Braves has made free agents with Josh Donaldson, with Brian McCann


Atlanta Braves has been a free agent to get his first division title for five years, with one-year contracts with third party Josh Donaldson and Brian McCann.

Donaldson approved a US $ 1 million dollar $ 23 million loan on Monday night.

McCann's agreement was announced earlier by Atlanta, where he won the seventh victory of the 2005-13 season. He got a $ 2 million dollar contract for a year.

Donaldson AL MVP was Toronto in 2015, but has fought since then. In 2016, the hip infection was slowed by the strain in the 2017 strain and caused by the inflammation of the shoulder and the strain of the calf this year. Three Star All Star has spent 32 months in 32. Donaldson got 246 shots with 24 points and 23 RBIs with 52 games this year in Toronto and Cleveland, which won on October 31.

He pays his 2019 pay this year.

McCann finished February in February, Duluth, Georgia, and seventh All-Star with Braves in the 2005-13 period. He signed a $ 85 million Yankee contract in New York, and was released to Houston in the 2016 season after Gary Sánchez.

McCann won the first World title in Astros for the first time in 2017. It hit .212 seven-numbered and 23 RBI's 63 games this year, leaving 53 matches for the arthroscopic surgery in the right-sized knee.

McCann's signature is surely one of the most popular with the fan base, with Donaldson's images being the most significant part of the 2019 team's fortunes.

Returning to form return

Braves is becoming a three-hour All-Star quarter for the next 32 months. Only three years ago he won the MVP Prize in Toronto for the first time, with 41 riders and AL 123 with RBI. While he continued for two more thirty years, the 2016 hip infection and the 2017 thin veal straps were cut in their production.

In the last season, Donaldson restricted 52 games to swollen shoulders and calf. With Braves in the short term, Donaldson makes it healthy and re-show it so he can jump into the next free agent market.

Atlanta gives Freddie Freeman a midfielder who needs a slugger, especially if he does not know, that the team will make a serious race, returning to the unmarked freelance agent.

The CEO of Alex Anthopoulos attended McCann's press conference but did not comment on Donaldson's signing.

McCann made it clear that he would not make any mention of the purchase of Braves, since the team had not officially announced in a few hours.

"I do not know what to say," McCann said, showing a little embarrassment. "I have read on Twitter".

"I do not know who it is," said Anthopoulos.

History with Anthopoulos

Actually, Donaldson and the GM have a day-long relationship with Toronto. Anthopoulos published in Blue Jays in the same position until 2015, the blockbuster trade brought by Oakland's Donaldson.

Donaldson's press conference was directed to Tuesday. Braves appointed the left-hander Adam McCreery to perform the 40-man list of room for Donaldson.

Donaldson's signature in Atlanta makes questions about the future of 24-hour Johan Camargo. He hit the No.72 hit with 19 numbers and 76 RBIs, losing his Los Angeles Dodgers with the Los Angeles Dodgers Division Series on the first 15th.

When Camargo played the second league champion and the left game, he could overtake an Atlanta bank as a superpublisher. Braves was a great priority for Ryan Flaherty's founder. Lane Adams. If it is open to the outside, Camargo can make a shot by NL Rookie Year Ronald Acuna Jr. and with Gold Glover Ender Inciarte.

McCann, 35, who has finished finishing off in February, has left $ 85 million for the New York Yankees to sign a five-year contract. After Gary Sánchez, McCann moved to Houston and Astros won the first World Series in 2017.

However, McCann did not award this year a great deal of reward in both directions. In addition to the number 122, seven medals and 23 RBIs in 63 games. He was missing two months in arthroscopic surgery, right knee in July.

Being leader

While Bravo McCann had the opportunity to work with his leadership ability and his early youthful worker, Anthopoulos said he was hopeful that he would take his shotgun "now he has repaired his knee. His reports are very strong. beyond all things ".

McCann is playing with Tyler Flowers over time with Braves's hope behind another plate, similar to what Flores and Kurt Suzuki had in the last two seasons.

Suzuki's NL East rivals have been in Washington for two years.

McCann thanked Charlie Culberson for 16 years of age.

"I have something nice to do," said McCann. "The number means a lot. The number that has my first nine years is unique."

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