Monday , October 18 2021

Bray Wyatt Messages Cryptic Messages Say Goodbye


Bray Wyatt has words with words and you never know what he's doing. His promotions were broken and interpreted in various ways. "Goodbye", but also has some indispensable connotations.

Wyatt twice tweeted in the midst of RAW broadcasts so far. We have not seen Wyatt RAW for a long time, but the rumors of return have been pretty hard recently.

The Eater Of Worlds tweeted: "I am not God, I have never been. I feel I said, I was wrong. I know the true God now and all his power. I feel sorry for our iniquity. My soul is clear now. My intellect is clear What happened to me, what did I do? They took everything. "

Then he said: "I have solved many things: I found out that I was ill, my mind does not work like other people, it loses itself and does not adhere to unrealistic and poisonous ideas, my next trip will be to find my real call.

In order to make this triphsic cryptic message, Wyatt said: "We thank all those who love us, thank you, ask me about faith. We fixed it on the earth to change it, and that does not die. Farewell my siblings. ".

These are some pretty interesting words to send. Fortunately, we'll see the WWE TV again as soon as television shows, because they have been able to launch some questions.

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