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BREAKING: NCC faces LeBreton – Ottawa Senatore launches sponsored bid as launcher on slopes


Kiss RendezVous LeBreton Group farewell

The National Capital Commission announced on Wednesday that LeBreton Flats's development partner was leaving, two RendezVous business moguls, Eugene Melny, Ottawa Senators, and John Ruddy's Trinity Developments, were against each other in their consortium.

"The Board of Directors closed the deadline for the NCC proposal, which was signed on January 19, 2019, between the RendezVous LeBreton Group and the NCC," said the agency. "After 30 days after the effective resolution of the resolution".

The owner of Ottawa Senator Eugene Melny.

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And that is why the vision of the future of the Senator moving to the downtown area has apparently disappeared, and the future of a long-standing real estate of the nation's capital is in the air again.

The Senator told the NCC's "regret" on Wednesday.

"Over a year, in the context of our private business in the context of private business negotiated with the NCC, and subsequently publicly, on November 22, 2018."

According to what they said, when NCC decided to settle the "currents" when the parties came together, Crown corporations publicly acknowledged RendezVous in the last months and were initially organized until January.

"The best efforts for the empire's solution were as soon as yesterday, there was no success in our vision," said Senators.

Ruddy's Trinity Developments said he would not be on Wednesdays.

Termination of the term page lets the NCC committee decide to make progress in its meeting in January.

NCC is not recommending the first competition of LeBreton Flats to rebuild the competition, a group of entrepreneurs are prepared to pause on the ground, as part of the local consortium, as part of the consortium.

Jean-Pierre Poulin, right, Devcore's chairman.

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"We spent more than $ 3 million in this offer, and we've been building energy for a couple of years now and we've been building a large Canadian group. Everything that was being held in Canada," he said Jean-Pierre Poulin, President of Gatineau Devcore. "What would happen to the NCC to get another process? Who does not want to partner with Guy Laliberté, Jim Pattison and André Desmarias?"

These three men are behind Cirque du Soleil, Ripley Entertainment and Power Corp respectively. JDS Uniphase co-founder Bill Sinclair also participates in Devcore Canderel DLS offer group.

The DCDLS has reached the NCC when it is aware of the consortium, mainly due to the RendezVous LeBreton Group breakdown, but DCDLS did not go back.

The NCC recruitment process for part of the LeBreton Flats in Booth Street in Western Canada has taken place since 2014. RendezVous was appointed agency in 2016 in a battle between two development groups.

John Ruddy.

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Pould also said that the DCDLS proposal included an arena as well as the true vision of the group in terms of its mixed use, such as wages units, husbands, hotels, and aquariums. The draft plan is a placeholder, he said.

"We are not talking about hockey," said Pilly.

Poulid said it would be nice to get the NCC call for kindness, which DCDLS thinks is a good place for the procurement process.

"We believe the NCC needs to respect the established process, we believe the NCC will make the right decision in that process," said Pilly.

The NCC Commission will still meet at the end of January, although the new executive director Tobi Nussbaum will start on February 4, instead of Mark Kristmanson. The agency decides to make any decision taken by Nussbaum's hands on the board of meeting.

Tobi Nussbaum.

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"The NCC will continue with the next steps, with correct monitoring and consultation with the interested parties in January, in the meeting table. There is no delay in the transition as a result of the transition," said the NCC spokesman, Mario Tremblay.

Poulin said the DCDLS sent a letter to Nussbaumi, congratulating.

"I do not know personally. We want it right," said Poulink. "Obviously, it was in difficult times."

Jim Watson, at the National Arts Center, said Wednesday that he will present the superb libraries of East LeBreton Flats, the NCC will have to rebuild the entire recruitment process. The NCC lawyer needs weight, he said.

"I think that this is a realistic option," said Watson.

"Some people will cry out about it, but I think that the same thing should be done for others to enter and offer."

Watson said that DCDLS was another option, but attorneys wanted to know that the NCC would continue with the bulls without having to sue RendezVous.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.

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It will not be easy to make major 2019 decisions, especially since the beginning of October, because the next federal election is organized in October.

Watson said that the LeBreton process was anticipated, that all municipal planning in January and February 2019 would be open and that the whole proposal would be in front of the federal cabinet in June.

"After June, it's hard to get anything in the federal cabinet, we're election," said Watson. "With the company's repercussions with the company RendezVous, nothing happens before June."

The Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, Director of the Ottawa Center, where LeBreton Flats, emphasized that NCC's great work is due to "Rendezvous" "disruptive cooperation" and a path to re-development.

McKenna, at the NAC library event, said that there is no project that will leave the city for its inheritance.

Revise Lebron's Devcore proposal. World Automobile Experiences will celebrate all of the automotive items and will be the most significant collection of trophies and contemporary collections from the Canadian perspective to create educational programs and exhibitions. T

hands /


"My greatest priority is to get it right," McKenn said. "I think the situation is very wretched, but that's right here, and I think we need to determine our options, whether it's the bidders, or not, such a possibility, and I think lawyers participate, but we must step by step and we just make sure we do not. We do not want to do something we're proud of. "

Joel Harden, NDP MPP of Ottawa Center, said the city should offer cheaper housing that RendezVous could not deliver.

"Melnyk-Ruddy is a debacle, instead of developing a few values," Harden said in a written statement sent by her office. "We need to market more homes, including LeBreton Flats, the feuding fighters could not have happened, the city would need it."

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