Monday , May 29 2023

Brenda Boose thank you


Former wife Dorian Boose interviewed Brend's story about her life and death. However, he thanked Edonon for everything, Dorian helped everyone. This is his statement:

On November 22, 2016 life changed forever. We lost one of the most beautiful human beings that we blessed and shared.

There is really no pain begun to start a word. I've lost some of my loved ones in this life, but I have not lost Dorian Boose, the father of our two children (Brady and Taylor) and the great love of my life. But the sky is there and I will see it again for a day. God speaks to us.

When reading this, we know that it has given us great joy, love and laughter that we love most in the book of our hearts and minds. In such a story, you do not often hear the beauty of the lost person. I had a great beauty and I needed to find out.

As we lost Dorian, we learned more and more about helping people who came to her and helped her to "save" her. I imagined some of those who can read some valuable time over others, because you have also seen the beauty of the soul and that it was necessary to recover anything about its spirit.

For you, I thank you very much. When they tried to help me with the greatest part of my support, it was worth it to all of us who showed us their children showed us that. I can not thank you.

Randy Spencer, Dorian, was a connection between the hours of the day and the beginning of the day. Thank you for answering all the questions and responding to each phone call I have made. You responded more than once.

Cpl. Bourque's RCMP of Edmonton, after a single phone request, found himself on the streets of Dorian, sent a message of his family's love and concern and recalled that his loving God had not forgotten. Listen to my heart, thank you, telling me about it and telling your children. I am very strict because of that.

By heart and in prayer, Dorian's story may have an effect on awareness and change, so we'd like to find out how we can see how stories are falling apart. And I think he would appreciate that opportunity.

His death has never been in vain, but it is part of a change agent, apart from the lives of others.

– Brenda Boose


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