Tuesday , January 18 2022

Brewers Sign Yasmani Grandal Sign


10:16 p.m. Yahoo's Tim Brown has announced that Grandal will guarantee $ 18.25MM in 2019 (Twitter link).

At 10:06 p.m .: Brewers agree with the contract with the free agent agent Yasmani GrandalAthletic coach Ken Rosenthal saidVia Twitter). One year contract is for Grandales, however, compared to the four-year contract offered by Mets. Rosenthal adds This agreement is still awaiting the end of a physical one.

Yasmani Grandal

Of course, the decision to reconsider the four-year offer in New York is particularly fabulous, although Jon Foster's Heyman Tweeted Yesterday, the offer of Mets was announced at the beginning of 60 million. The exact size of the proposed warranty is unknown, but USA Today's Bob Nightengale tweets It was more than $ 50MM, and Rosenthal tweets The Mets offering could have a value of $ 60 million, probably indicating some incentives or ladder mechanisms.

It is still possible, of course, to advance Grandal's 2019-22 season. The powerful exhibits with Brewers will be able to earn a non-profit, non-profit-making, multi-agency, non-profit offer in the coming years. A three-year offer, from $ 13-14 million per season, will restore money to the Grandal Camp in the following winter, and it is almost impossible to provide a four-year annual water supply effort. really earn even more.

Milwaukee, according to a one-year treaty, was probably able to upgrade Grandal's calibration. In terms of winning profits, Brewers will select the draft of the next year to punish Grandal's signature as a third-party choice. This is a relatively small pay-winning club that has won a lucrative club, even in the competition's balance sheet competition (no. Alex Claudio Rangers trade For this reason, Milwaukee's third best option is the best option, currently in the No. 104 general draft.

Milwaukee's catching team combined .374 / .294 / .363 to send a handful of lines on 16 stairs to 637 plate stages during the last season. Grandal, for his part, 241 / .349 / .466. He has worked with Dodgers in the last season, and Brew Crew, based on the basic percentage and energy, would have to give a dramatic boost. Salvador Perez It was the only baseball baseball with more than 24 Grandal flyers, and no predator (300 AH min.) Exceeded Grandal's .255 ISO (50% average beating). In other words, Brewers is undoubtedly the best predator of the game.

Defensively, most of the cases will be spectacular, as Grandale reminds us of a dreadful post-season, Grandales has recently passed three balls before time runs out. Austin Barnes for the second year of October. However, Grandal has been robbed of the average or better four-season competition, and there is no baseball class, which has been ranked in baseball. Postseason balls are not Grandale's hiccups, but three times have won the National League, but they have adapted their adaptations and elite adaptations, especially in Baseball Prospectus's "Fielding Runs" above the average. Grandal has also been included among leading leaders in the Catcher at Runs of Defense, +45 DRS for the last four seasons.

For brewers, in addition to the pre-planned merger, the same version will match Manny Pina and Erik Kratz and the basic percentage in the National League already in the sixth position and the second one running in the domestic run. Brewers are not listening to the key members to implement unless midseason purchase Mike Moustakas, so basically, Grandal will add the same linear that proved to be one of the best NL 2018s.

From the perspective of employees, Grandal will lead the Brewers Opening Day projection to 123.5MM, as Jason Martinez describes as a Roster resource. This brand would crush Brewers franchise before, the organization twice had $ 100MM + nomination during its history – 2014-15 Opening Day bills at $ 103.5MM and $ 104.3MM. Of course, Brewers needs a bit more money after completing a postseason-run. This NLCS appearance also makes it easier for Mark Attanasio to move aggressively, as his team is currently in a very solid phase of his reconstruction, and the projected candidate is very widespread.

Dodgers, however, will win the draft of compensation after the competitive vanguard. Nowadays, the end of the 80s ends with the general election, but free agent machining tends to be more gradual. However, Dodgers will select at the end of the 70's or the early 80's for Grandal's loss.

At least it's curious that Dodgers would not get a one-year deal to bring Grandal, knowing that he was now considered an option. Perhaps Grandal was just about to return to LA, or perhaps Dodgers embarrassed Grandal after passing his passports. However, the capture position still remains a need for Los Angeles, where Barnes is the beginning, but it does not have the organization's top catch-up solutions, Keibert Ruiz and Will SmithStill there is a look at the MLB level ready. Dodgers offers many other options in the commercial and free market brokers, but Grandal planned to put an approximate amount of $ 17.9 million in wage salaries approximately a month ago.

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