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Brock Lesnarren Opponent Set for "WrestleMania 35 & # 39;," for & # 39; Wrestling Observer & # 39;


A member of a pre-team may belong to Brock Lesnoa.

Even November and November WrestleMania Until next year, until April, Brock Lesnar focuses on the circulation of all types of circles, which is the main event of the show. Now, the latest rumor comes from Dave Meltzer Wrestling Observer newsletter, and said Seth Rollins says he will be a man called "Beast".

Right now, Seth Rollins won the Continental Tournament Raw. Today, Dean Ambrose is a former squad of the band, and this competition is under way, but they still do not have a television match.

WWE is a tricky opponent against the champion champion, because the company usually wants to see two titles defended in two major events. This means that Rollins should leave that champion – Dean Ambrose likely in his feud – to go to the Universal Championship.

Seth Rollins is really a very logical person as a baby against Brock Lesnar, as one of the stars in that side. It makes sense WrestleMania 35 The match against Brock would probably go to the Roman reign, but when he left for leukemia, the company needed to step in and take the place.

According to the report, the Roman King will fight against the fight between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar, but we still do not know exactly. However, based on Raw This week and we've heard rumors, it's clear that WWE is not in the story line of Roman insanity.

Seth Rollins actually looked at Lesnar Delaware 105.9 Rob Petree in Eagle 977 last year, as mentioned Wrestling Inc.

"If it's for me, it would be tomorrow, I know, but you have to wait for the titles," Rollins said. "Our Champion is now Brock Lesnar Raw – Our universal champion – and the strength to be taken into account. He also chooses to defend his title and defend his own time. So you have to be lucky to get these titles out. "

For now, it's a rumor, WWE has been widely known, the people's reaction, performance and the general hate of Vince McMahon in Brock Lesnar WrestleMania The opponent could be quite different around the incident.

WrestleMania 35 It takes place in East Rutherford (NJ) at MetLife Stadium. The event will take place on April 7, 2019. With the WWE's biggest annual event, NGO TakeOver event, Monday night Raw, and SmackDown Live.

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