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Buffalo vs. Texas Tech Prediction, Preview, and Odds

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March 24

Adam Rauzino
Mar 22, at 21:04 and posted on March 23 6:02 pm EDT

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The third seed of the Texas Tech Red Raiders Buffalo Bulls will play the sixth inning at the NCAA Second Round tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma, OK. Bulls a 91-74 won first place in Arizona State # 11, and Red Raiders began convincing 72-57 win against # 14 on Northern Kentucky on Friday.

Buffalo Thumps Arizona State, Reach the Second Round

The Buffalo Bull # 6 second season is second straight out in the second half. Buffalo won Arizona in the first round of last year. In front of them, Arizona State won a 91-74 victory on Friday. Bulls was a strong crime in the field where its targets sank 51% on Friday. Buffalo offers three great threats to take on a game. Nick Perkins gets into that category and has shown his talent with 21 points and 10 rebounds with Arizona State. An advanced 6-foot senior 8 has received at least eight rebounds in his last four games, and an average of 14.5 PPGs and 7.3 RPGs per year.

The CJ Massinburg bullfighters won 18 points in their sixth win in the 11 films. The main guards have been 30 for 30 players in the previous match and currently scores an average of 18.3 points for a total of 46.8%.

The Buffalo Nate Oats decided on his team's opinion on how the NCAA Championship would be: "We were excited about winning the NCAA tournament in the last year. Last year we won, we hope to win, we are a favorite team. I think our boys are more locked and That's because Texas Tech is very unbelievable. We've filled our hands. "

Bulls won 13 consecutive games, won by Bowling Green under the title MAC. Buffalo has defeated West Virginia and Syracuse this season. It is an average of 85.1 points with an abusive duration and the fourth is a good country. The bulls are an average of 70.6 points, located at 159.

Red Raiders Defense In the first round, victory is compelling

Texas Tech Red Raiders # 3 revived after the first 12-day outing of the Big 12 tournament in the first round of 72-57. Red Raiders' defense was screened, with Norwegians shooting 37% and only 22 out of 5 points in three points. Red Raiders got Jarrett Culver's 29-point performance and got eight bets on Friday. In the second year, the second guard is now unstoppable, at least 26 points in the net in three straight games, and an average of 18.8 PPG and 6.4 RPGs per season.

Tariq Owens had a great deal of power on Friday for the first time in the first place and sank 12 points in a 6 to 7 clip. The top 6 feet and 10 feet will feature a key role, which includes a bunch of bulls. Owens only received three rebounds on Friday. However, he is in second place with the rebound and 5.6 with 8.9 points for each match.

"We want to play March basketball," said the Texas Tech Guard Matt Mooney. "So he takes good shots, have good possessions, take care of the ball, and try to run." Certainly, they are really good. But we want to limit it as much as possible. "- Matt Mooney on Buffalo face.

Red Raiders have won 10 top 11 wins in the 12 Virginia West Virginia Tournament. Iowa State scored an average of 73.1 points in the season, ranking it in 158. Cyclones defense is among the best in the country, along with Virgini, with an average score of 59.2 points, a good third overall.

Bottom line What this game is about to bet.

A full game bet


In this competition I am joining Texas Tech. Texas Tech is a much more challenging challenge than Buffalo. Court Raiders is hard to hold on to the two ends of the court. Although Buffalo is offensive, Texas Tech has demonstrated the ability to neutralize all offensive opponents. During this season, more than 68 points around the conference support more than four times, and the season's shooting is 37% shooting.

In addition, the Buffalo point will yield. Three consecutive matches have lost at least 73 points and Red Raiders are effective from an offensive perspective. They have goals in the field that exceed 48% of their three goalscorers of four of their four goals and I hope that the two ends of the jury are in this splendor.

Announcement: Texas Tech

Choose a total of the whole game


I'll move on to this match. Afterwards, the Bulls 91-74 scored a high-scoring decision against Arizona State, and although Texas Tech wanted to keep the score at least, they still owe it. Buffalo CJ Massinburg, Nick Perkins and Jeremy Harris have a talented trio, all of them average at least 14 points in the season, mostly 3-0-1 in the last 3 NCAA tournaments.

In addition, the Bulls defender will score points due to his style of play. In the last three games, an average of 75.6 points has been granted and Tariq Owens and Jarrett Culver are blocked. The Red Raiders continues a straight line of 6-1 for the last 7 games and I hope this will become.

Announcement: as long as

Full-Game Prop bet


I hope Texas Tech will get it with Bulls. Red Raiders will be the defense of the best defense in Buffalo this year this year. Texas Tech reinforces approximate billing of each match and Buffalo has won 13 times the ball on Friday. In addition, Red Raiders will limit the loss of three points. In the season, they make 29.9% of opponents that are shooting three-point territory.

Announcement: Total Buffalo Group: Under 71.5

Half-time bet


It is worth the look under the first semester. Texas Tech allows an average of 28.1 points in the first half of the season, and Northern Kentucky obtained 26 points on Friday. Red Raiders' offenses are better in the second half. In the second half, in the last three games, they achieved 44.3 points.

Announcement: Under 68

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