Tuesday , January 25 2022

Burnaby Safeway explains sexual complaints about "human joke"


B.C. The Human Rights Court ruled out a complaint from a woman who told her about "sexual weakness" sexual sex sexuality in the Burnaby Safeway store.

Brianne Duke North Queensland's commercial Kensington Square Safeway was launched in October 2017, when an employee said they had "the right jokes", according to the court ruling of December 11.

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The staff said, then he was joking about sex.

The incident sent a complaint to Sobeiako West Inc., the owner of the Safeway store.

Letters called "bad and non-professional" and asked for a public apology and a $ 250 gift card.

Sobek investigated after describing the alleged culprit, and one of the unofficially accepted stores said that he had sex with only one sexuality.

"(He) explained that the corridor of the spray washed and corrected, as well as being agreed upon by the client and other staff asking for them, he asked:" What did the prostitute do? When an appointment came late? I am commanding "referring to the convent of the species that retained the individual," said the court's decision.

The staff was disciplined, according to the ruling, and Sobey, Duke, sent an apology and offer an email for a $ 250 gift card.

After receiving a gift card and apology, Duke wore a comfortable shop bought by Sobey while it was working.

He then filed a human rights complaint based on the fact that Safeway was discriminated against by the behavior of the employee, against B.C. Human Rights Code.

"He will no longer feel safe without access to sexual harassment," says the ruling.

Catherine McCreary, a member of the court dismissed her complaint.

The behavior of the workers can be sexual discrimination, McCreary decided, but Sobei appeared to treat Duke's complaints as soon as possible to solve the problem.

Duke asked for more measures after Sobey's acceptance of his initial petitions.

"It does not encourage the purpose of the code to increase demand by the complainant," they asked at the beginning, "McCreary wrote.


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