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Burning Vanier Cup T-Shirts and Visiting Rouge et Or Battle Mustangs


QUEBEC – The official League Saturday calling Vanier Cup a champion of the champion Western Mustangs and Laval Rouge and O to host a final football or college football dream.

"You should not ask for better integration," said Lisette Johnson-Stapley, U Sports Sports General, Canadian Organizing College Sports Organizing.

Vanier Cup's 54th-year history will be lost in the fifth season in the fifth season in the league finals. Western has won 23 matches in the match, from two robberies to 25 games (2012-14).

In the West and Laval, they obtained respectively the national generations of last generation generations. Both teams are also the two major Vanier Cups winners, Laval has taken nine operations since its inception in 1996. The West is from 7 to 13 at Vanier's stage.

Laval's home advantage has not been lost by Mustangs coach coach Greg Marshall, who won the 39-17 western win in Rouge et Or last year at Hamilton's Tim Hortons Field. Laval wins against two previous Vanier battles to face domestic fans in front of his famous fans.

"This is quite different. As we wanted to take advantage of this noise this week, it's not the same thing. They do not understand until Saturday afternoon," said Marshall. U Sports history may be the first team to end the seasons of no seasons.

The bus, on the western end of the 12th, credited Laval for staying at Vanier Cup. The Rouge et Or, for the third time in a row, play Vanier Cup, which will be the sixth national championship in Quebec City to enter next year's final.

Laval coach coach Glen Constantin has taken advantage of the home field "It's a giant, I think every home team is better. In our case, even our great fans here in Quebec, I think our kids boast at home. , of course, it will help us ".

Constantin said the match last year was almost a Mustang homemade match, Hamilton took 90 minutes to the West End of London's Underground.

Both quarterbacks are the same, when Laval recorded Hugo Richard his record, his latest game at the university level.

"Especially for fifth year boys, including me, our latest game is always a special issue for playing at home, especially in a Vanier Cup. We love our fans," said Richard.

Qwesting Western QB Chris Merchant confronts face-to-face Saskatchewan last week against Mitchell Bowl. Mustangs fought hard 47-24 victory. Laval won the utterance in the Utrecht Bowle semifinals, and shot the X-Men X-Men in San Francisco 63-0.

Merchant takes a look at Laval's strongest defense team, the defense team of Mathieu Betts, the National Scout of the National Football League, paid special attention to the quarterback's dog.

"I have a full respect in the world of Mathieu. I am very excited about football on the other side and see what I have achieved," said Merchant.

More than 10 players from Western Quebec participate in the list, including Cedric Joseph Montreal, graduate Champlain Lennoxville Cougars.

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