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Bus crash is also a personal Canadian councilman and a new transportation pool, family member hospital

The police and the first responders had a dual bus bus in Ottawa, a bus shelter on Friday, January 11, 2019.


Deadly crash at the station in Westboro Allan Hubley has caused three stages: the transition chair, Kanata filmmaker, and also a family member of the family, in hospitals with serious injuries.

Hubley said on Saturday the family member was on the passenger's bus and was in a critical situation. Respecting family privacy, he decided to do nothing more.

Kanata was a whirlwind of South Horde, when she received a word about the crash that happened on Friday afternoon.

The route 269 was on the way to the Bridlewood community, and there is a good chance that many passengers will live. After Tunney farmhouse, the Westbound buses stop at Bayshore and Moodie stations at the Eagleson Station in Canada, depending on the route map.

Two people were waiting for two buses and Westboro station platforms. Thirty-three people were injured. Ottawa police are investigating the cause.

Hubley spent time with the community after the crash to attend the afternoon's evening press conference. John Manconi has been in close contact with the CEO of transport.

Some families contacted Hubley. Talked to the mother's son at the hospital. Another traveler must help to recover his possessions.

Hubley said focused on helping her components. There could be a community meeting but still too early to say, he said.

Ottawa has taken over the surveillance guard over the Westboro transit station and carried out cruisers on Saturday, January 12, 2019, while exploring the collision.

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"There will be at least a day to see all the victims," ​​Hubley said.

Barrhaven said Coun. Jan Harder reported a crash yesterday, in a similar situation in 2013, when a two-runner bus hit his railroad Via Rail. Six people were killed in this collision.

"Immediately it came to me," Hubley said. "He has walked this way, he has done the same with his freshness."

Only one month ago the City Council announced the nomination of Hubley. It is not only the care of the people of the southern Kanata, who is responsible for supervising OC Transpo as the selected representative.

Transp's first job is to maintain the transport system and secure the resources needed by the staff, he said.

Hubley said it is too early how double-decker trials will be conducted by the committees on the investigation or future debate. The city's vision is to help the relatives and the wounded, he said.

"We will be doing this," he said. "Everything you need."

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