Monday , May 29 2023

Buyers complain that the Surface Go keyboard is not designed by the Surface Pro keyboard


It seems "You get paid"Buyers have complained that the $ 99 cover skin cover has multiple design mistakes in comparison to Surface Surface Pro $ 129.

Editing on Reddit, TheOnlyB user complains:

I used to go primarily as a tablet, but after several weeks, I bought the cover to make it look minimalist for screen protection. I've recently read the keyboard twice as long as I'm using it to reduce stress management (genre suggestion btw), but mine is not quite aligned.

GO keyboard not symmetrical like Pro? If it's funny if GO sees other owners or if I have a keyboard and / or a faulty device. Please note, it does not seem as good as my Pro as usual. has spent some time looking for the problem and has overcome two problems, unfortunately, it works together to make your Surface Go Type Cover more durable and more expensive than higher versions.

Since the cover cover on the surface is smaller than the surface cover, the keyboard is folded on the screen when you use the keyboard as a tablet, the keys are stepped on the table and easily damaged.

These images can be seen below:

Surface Pro type skin

Surface Go Type Cover.

To this end, the traditional solution has to be added to the back cover, so that the keys are in the back of the surface of the tablet, which can be easily accessed on Surface Pro. On the surface of the surface, however, the keyboard connector is not symmetrical, unless the magnetic connectors and the manuals are adjusted correctly. The keypad is still added, but now it goes out, and the plastic will be damaged in this configuration. The problem is well illustrated under WindowsUnited Image.

The problem with the less-keyed keyboard is easily ruled out because of the smaller size of the Go-Keyboard keyboard, there's no reason why the keyboard may be symmetrical and easily reversible, with less paying for Microsoft, but cheaper products.

Are the readers holding this problem? Let's keep up the bottom.

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