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Cabinet Mists next Monday, Liberal MP Scott Brison downs


Longtime Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison will not go to the elections again this year and is leaving the cabin.

Brison, sitting in a Cabinet of the General Directorate of Canada's Finance, announced on Thursday morning.

He opens his way out of the cabinet and says the prime minister said Monday.

Brison has been in politics for 22 years and, for the first time, has become a former minister of the federal cabinet.

The twin father has said he wants more time for himself and his children.

"Life is said to begin in the 50's. Well, I'm 51, and I'm preparing new challenges and we're ready to be ready to get new opportunities," he wrote in an open letter in his entirety.

"It has been the supreme honor of my life to be a member of the Parliament."

Brison won the Kings-Hants seat in 1997 as a Progressive Conservative, before crossing the floor in 2003, and made Paul Martin and Justin Trudeau's liberal government cabinet covers. (At that moment, the parliament abandoned Joe Clark's leading Conservative Conservative Joe Clark to return to his Coneby Comeback.

"You've been hanging on the thin and thin with me, good times and harder. We traveled together," he wrote in his letter.

"Two political parties, seven elections, when I was with me in December 2002, when I was released … and when I came back in December 2003 – as a liberal."

Brison did not seize it during her marriage to the Progressive Conservative leadership offer – members of public members with Osie Wayne – including the 2004 election.

Brison, right, and her husband, Maxime St-Pierre, married in 2007 and became twins in Rose and Claire. (Twitter)

With him and his partner, Maxime St. Pierre, married in 2007 to join Brison's prime minister with his partner.

"The Commons House did not fit my career, the decision made in that room made my life easier, I loved people and, while being a family of marrying, I am honest, while all people are at the service of Kings-Hants," he wrote in the letter.

The role of the Norman case is questioned

In recent months, he has asked questions about the role of Command for Mark Norman.

Norman has accused the leaking secret on Davie shipyard, Levis, Que.-K, who signed a $ 668 million lease contract for the provision of temporary vessels.

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While maintaining close contact with Irving Shipbuilding, the company copied four letters to the four cabinet ministers who praised the virtues of four proposals.

Brison also said that the Commons House was the only objection to the project as the President of the Treasury Board.

Brison, together with Catherine McKenna Environment Minister and the Conservative Defense Minister, Peter MacKay, are in the list of Crown witnesses and can be summoned to declare themselves.

The test will not begin until August before the start of the next federal election.

In a Canadian press conference, the decision to refuse politics is not related in any way to the debate.

"If this problem had not happened, I would make the decision I am making today," he said.

Brison told The Canadian Press about announcing his decision and organizing a race nomination enough time in his career.

"My personal point of view is that the prime minister and the government are serving ministers in the next elections," he said.

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