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Calgary Councilor, due to budget disassembly, attributed to the city's representative

Taxpayer Jeromy Farkas Chamber Councilors are preparing budget negotiations in Calgary on Monday, November 26, 2018. Darren Makowichuk / Postmedia

Darren Makowichuk / DARREN MAKOWICHUK / Postmedia

In the second day of the deliberations of the municipal budget for the second year, the city council councilman punished them with colleagues who "damaged damages" in the city hall.

When the conflict began Coun. Jeromy Farkas was accused of co-workers of "harassment behavior", saying that he was talking at the "closing door of the negotiating business".

"When you are playing with fire, if you are treating your colleagues untiringly (then), why are you expecting respect?" Mayor Naheed Nenshi said on Tuesday that Farkas tried to issue a lawsuit on the camera's meeting.

"You should be ready to say the same thing about the table that you want to say, use this as an opportunity to reflect on your behavior."

According to various councilors, Farkas's allegations made in the past favored the "integrity and reputation" of the elected officials and non-elected officials and the city's organization.

Some councilors said that he had a circulation of "misinformation" about the pensioners of Farkas and city pensions.

Other appearances on Farkas believe that the last insinuations of urban practice improvisations gave money to local councilors to buy a tokens.

In recent years, for example, to offer gifts like watches or rings, the councilor offered $ 500 checks for his own gift. Veterans councilors Ray Jones said Tuesday that gold prices after the practice cost thousands to send the cost.

"We did not pay for the ring, we said that we would put the money of a ring or watch and what they chose," Jones said. The councilors left after the municipal elections of 2017 were added with money.

COUN. Jeff Davison has said that he has been on a Wednesday-based meeting on camera and has been discussing issues.

"Maybe he felt bullied, maybe he did not," Davison said in a caustic debate. "It is a reality to open their mouths in order to cause damage and damage to this corporation, to the city, with the administration, with him around the table for another 14 people.

"It's just enough. I guess you've seen it here today."

Since then, Farkas has said "it's not for me".

"I do not apologize for the fight against people who represent me," said Farkas.

"Things are not personal."

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