Monday , October 25 2021

Calgary yellow vest Protestants aim economics, rally at immigration – Calgary


Hundreds of disgrace alike fell on Saturday at City Hall to protest at three levels of government.

The Rally was an event hosted by Yellow Vest in Canada. The Facebook team started in early December and has collected more than 55,000 members in less than two weeks.

Macron says more reluctantly that the French authorities have "yellow jacket" protests

Most of the rally members used yellow construction similar to those of non-official French-speaking Protestants. In France, people were initially gathered to claim a rise in fuel taxes, but at the expense of life, there was a rage of expression that was worsening.

The Calgary rally event page said the group was not partial, but some Protestants, like Maureen Gow-Zelmer, did not shy about their affiliations.

"They say they are more conservative," he said. "We are sorry that's happening in our country."

The issues that were gathered in the protest were broad, and they included everything between carbon tax and speech freedom.

The center of Edmonton in the face of the UN, has protested against globalization

One of the UN's most recent congressionals was a great deal of nervousness with many Protestants.

Merle Terlesky has said the UN Migration is too far away and sees it as a threat to the country.

"Immigration's sovereignty must be left in Canada," Terlesky said. "There is no Genevan organization."

In the eighth month they reported French "yellow vest" protests

Many liberals and the NDP of the province made songs with the intention of many people to make changes to the next election poll.

"We have to stop and stop now," said Dave Rowley. "It's just been a shock after this country."

The African demonstration on Saturday was not the signing of counter-signals.

There's no other group on the Facebook page, but many protesters say they will not stay until they make changes to each government level.

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