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Cameron Underwood reveals a transformation after a 25-hour surgery

A man with a stroke of the face transplant surgery has shown the world a new car this year.

Cameron Underwood, 26, struggled with California against depression and alcoholism, trying to take his life in June 2016.

The suicide attempt destroyed most of his face, but miraculously, he survived.

Cameron was missing most of the lower cheeks, all of the teeth were nose, and the jaw and voice were severely damaged.

Before the soldier and the engineer, Cameron tried to reconstruct several surgeries before attempting Eduardo Rodriguez Doctor at the University of New York at Langone Health in New York.

Her mother, Beverly Bailey-Potter, said People Magazine had read an article about the NYU's face transplant software, and asked her to ask her son.

"When Dr. Rodriguez read about what he had done about other patients, we learned that only one person who trusted us in Cameron's life," said Beverly.

"We're ready to travel a long distance."

Now, about 11 months after the 25-hour period, Cameron lived a life that had lived all over his life, he is working to spend time with sports and friends and family.

"So I appreciate being a facial transplant, because life is a second option," he said.

"Although I'm recovering and getting a sense of feeling and mobility, especially with my lips, I'm very happy with the results,

"I have a nose, and I am mouth, smile, speak solid foods and eat again".

Cameron said he was "face" for the first time he saw his first face and adding: "It was exciting."

Dr. Rodriguez, when Cameron first met, could help him regain his life's quality.

"We are all very clear to everyone that this is a part of it and that happens," he said.

"It's never going to take them to a normal life without a face transplant."

Rodríguez directed a group of more than 100 medical professionals to complete the operation on January 5.

3D medical assistant with 3D surgical computer planning and 3D face masking mask.

The procedure transplants and reconstructs the upper and lower bones bone, including 32 teeth and gums, mouth roof, lower eyelids and cheeks, nose and nasal passages.

Cameron's wife had 23-year-old New York writer and writer William Fisher.

William also died for several years with a mental illness.

His mother, Sally, said in a statement: "My son's death was a tragedy.

"Thanks, respecting his decision, we have been able to give life to others."

William, a teenager, was registered as a donor before the surgeon who changed his life as an underweight donor.

Currently Cameron thanked Rodriguez, NYU with Langone Health, his family, and the William and Fisher family.

"Will's heritage will always be honored," he said.

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This story originally appeared in The Sun and was republished here with permission.

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