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Can legalization open doors in the black market, say the producer and the seller

The law dump leads to illegal trade opportunities, said a Calgary cannabis dealer and his operating provider.

Two say they fill the void left by medical users focusing on marijuana games while exploiting high cannabis prices and low quality products.

In the early morning of the legalization, the lack of supplies are also highlighted, they are playing in the hands, they say.

"(The Patients) must be in an illegal market – the government does not need tools or quality," said Tim, who produces several cannabis fireplaces Nelson, B.C.

"The material that goes out of the store is a year-old wine grower's experience, it's very low quality."

High quality marijuana producers in the Kootenay region of California, some of them four decades of "commerce" are the most important in terms of demand, "said Tim.

The man said it was between 10 and 15 kg. Three-month marijuana in a soil and hydroponic operation.

About 70% of this, said that it is a hybrid black market for medical consumers, he said, it is common to have red legal domains in the private sector.

"I think (federal government) license over 75 plants … I give permission to give sick," said Tim.

Manitoba-based licensed producer Bonify plaguing problems, who redesigned the origin of the Saskatchewan merchants for unknown marijuana distribution as they signify some of the new industry's sometimes murky legal foundations.

In the last eight years, Greg also drinks, uses a Calgary network called Medi Man, and when customers go on TV, marijuana goes to legal shops.

These customers have engraved with their high-grade business card "platinum" with their phone numbers, with their brand and distribution service.

"I do not like them when they're in the store," said Greg, adding a percentage of those who accept a sample of 80 percent to buy.

"Our return customers love us … They say" I do not know what I would do with you. "

The company has also received the main subsidized subsidies, direct operations, subsidized purchases, age identifications, as well as customer promotion promotions.

"When we are distributing Snoop Dogg concert tickets, we're printing printouts (competition) pages," said Greg.

And he points out a lot of excess packing of legal ships, and adds himself a glass to recover glass jars.

His clients, he said, can buy it, unlike other legal shops.

"You can not see, do not try or try – you're stuck (legal purchase)," said Greg.

The man said that the business is so good, and he adds three employees to his six-star squad.

It is a kind, said the medical cannabis client began to strictly supply but legalization, now half of its sales.

Police, Greg said, are aware of their activities and even called for his business card number in early December.

But be sure the official did not sell at the street, and the police did not have any contact with him.

"It has my numbers," said Greg. "I told my people if I did not feel comfortable, I did not work".


Grower Tim, a 15-year-old Gregorian producer from Kootenay, has said he has never been threatened by ever-enforced, maintaining a strict tolerance towards rational activity in B.C.

In the future, when asked about the Canadian black market vessel, many of the illegal parties said that they wanted more of one of their main actions.

"It's quite unknown – I thought the government would try to penetrate the black market," said Tim.

"It's quite confusing. We want to share it – we're limber."

Greg has said he is building a client base for a legal future, but it is likely that he will always be an illegal sector.

"The lower law goes down the price, it goes to the bottom black market … it's not something you realize," he said.

In the meantime, they both said they commit to supplying medicinal and playful clients.

"People are passionate about getting a quality product," said Greg.

Government and cannabis law enforcement sponsors have argued that the new retail trade is becoming more standardized and embraced, transforming the black market sector.

Also, the coming summer legislatures will announce next autumn, the whole industry will continue to grow and illegal operators will disappear.

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