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Canada has won Hong Kong's 2019 Rugby World Cup card


MARSEILLE, France – Booked a Canadian card at the Rugby World Cup on Friday, with the Hong Kong 27-10 winner, making the race race in the final race.

Canadian men had to defend themselves in the first semester, repeating the Hong Kong team repeatedly, when 75% of possession was crashing 14-3. Canada (3-0-0) was bent, but it was not broken in Hong Kong (1-2-0) to take advantage of its opportunities.

Canada was in the second half under control, grinding the winner.

Canada, the 21st position of the world in Hong Kong, number 22, XX. And the final team has become Japan's 2019 World Cup, September 20th. 2. The Canadian way is not easy, ranked by Pool B World Champion, with New Zealand Toponymy, 5. South Africa, n. 14 Italy and 23 n. Namibia.

Canada has won 30 victories in Kenya (65-19) and 28 Germany (29-10) in the four-round repeat championship.

"A super-scrappy game, but we're happy to get victory," said the Canadian captain, Phil Mack.

"Now the hard work really starts and we have to go and make the World Cup," he added.

Friday's triumph improved the Canadian record on the 11-20-13 season since the 2015 World Cup.

In September 2017, the captain Kingsley Jones called on the Canadian team to call "a really professional performance" in difficult circumstances.

"Our team controlled the great parts of the game," he added. "When they called for defense, they were perfectly defended. The most agreeable habit was the winner: we had to close the game and we needed the result."

The Canadians have never forgotten the sports showcase. But this time it got harder.

In recent years, Canada has been qualified for the first attempt. This time, it must be classified through the first qualifying round, in the 13th position in the United States and 18th against Uruguay.

Friday's game opened in the Stade Delort rain. While Downpour slowed down, the repetition wearer made a worse look at the slick condition of the field.

Winger DTH van der Merwe scored two tests and veterans for his leg Ray Barkwill in Canada. Gord McRoe made three conversions and two penalties. Van der Merwe, all Canadian players being a leading scorer, five are making efforts to repeat it.

Conor Hartley tried in Hong Kong. Matt Rossle made a penalty and a conversion.

Financing millions of dollars and, in some ways, the popularity of Canadian rugby in Marseille.

Rugby Canada is in need of financing that the World Cup Rugby World Cup is unlikely. Canadian men have done their own in recent years. It could be a blow to the World Cup.

"Rugby is a massive Canadian push," Jones said.

The 20 National returned to work for Canada 20 at Samoa in Spain on May 16 at the weekend.

After winning a knit point, the Canadians got into a Friday game with 10 points at the driver's seat. Hong Kong lost 26-9 in Germany and Kenya won a 42-17 bonus, five points.

Hong Kong had to overtake Canada and won four rounds to win a bonus, losing the Canadian bonus point (seven points or less). Both teams would drop 10 points, winning Hong Kong by the team with Canada.

Hong Kong started early in the first minute with 12 goals over the Canadian goal. His hunter needs a bonus point, Hong Kong only scrimmies have chosen a penalty.

Dragons made a premature expression of a scrum penalty, which the Canadians withdrew after a killer infection. The news was not good at Hong Kong, because Tyler Spitz split the injury in the third minute.

After completing a Canadian ending line, Hong Kong joined 17 attacks on Evan Olmstead against the blockade. Hong Kong chose a scrum and launched a 14-phase attack, which was finally suspended by Canadian punishment.

A third penalty came out next to the Canadian goal, but this time, Canada won a solitaire battle and penalty relief.

After absorbing pressure, Kanada was at the other end of the 38-year-old Barkwill, after an 18-minute session, as a result of the onslaught of Theo Sauder.

Half-scrum half of Hong Kong Liam Slane tried fifteen minutes with Hartley's challenge.

Hong Kong has sent Rosslee for 33 minutes. Rossle had to be forced to score after a team mate had been sentenced to water, after deducting other Hong Kong options.

The bad thing was worse, because Van der Merwe won, pushing Rosslee shot and recovering the ball and trying to overcome a goal,

French judge Romain Poite warned about the Canadian violations, and McRorie forbade it to simplify its 39th minute. Hong Kong attacked a Canadian goal to release the ball to release it.

Hartley passed a goal in the minute 52, when he finished the turn of 14-10. McRorie missed a penalty kick in the 58th minute and in the 62nd and 67th minutes.

Van der Merwe directed his Fourth World Cup, and then four serious fighters in the left flank in minute 71.

Prop Hubert Buydens, veteran of the 2011 and 2015 World Cup, won the 50th champion.

The dreamer abandoned Friday. Canadian coach Kingsley Jones played under Hong Kong coaches Leigh Jones, a Welshman, as a close friend. David (Dai) Rees is one of the major Rugby Union rugby union in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong surpassed Malaysian and South Korea in the Asian Rugby Championship before winning Cook Islands (77-3) to go to the Asian-Oceania playoffs.

World Rugby began the qualification process in San Vicente and the Grenadines in 2016, with 188 matches taking part in 994 days and reaching 10,355 points.

Seventy teams were bidding to dock with U.S., Uruguay, Russia, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Namibia and Canada. The other 12 teams were classified as the final World Cup.

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