Saturday , February 4 2023

Canada Post-to-work bill sits sitting late at night late


Legislation on job post boxes passed to the Commons Chamber over a Saturday special session on Saturday morning.

Bill C-89 passed a third reading of votes from 166 to 43.

The Senate will sit on Saturday and, if necessary, the bill will sit on Sunday, which would be in force on the eastern day of the noon in the daytime reign.

Legislative push came to Ottawa, as well as in Ontario and British Columbia and Sherbrooke, Que. In addition to smaller towns, the latest strikes in the Union of the Union of the European Union Union were twice.

Despite the rush to overcome the lawsuit, the Labor Minister, Patty Hajdu, maintained the Canadian Post and the CUPW negotiation table.

"You still can get an agreement," he said.

Jobs, Worker Development and Labor Minister, Patricia Hajdu, speaks on Friday's Labor Law in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press)

He said, Hajdu added: "Of course, the parties would prefer to negotiate an agreement, but the time has come, if they can not be ready to move forward."

Hajdu mentions it as a "vital service" for the mail service and told small businesses based on the postal service that their assets may be interrupted during Christmas time if the situation is not too fast.

"And when I am little, it's very small. I mean, you know, sell jams or craft goods, that is, if they can not make the most profitable and annual income in that year, they would end up with the business."

NDP, labor leaders slam bill

The work leaders and the Democratic New Democracy undermined the process of negotiation of blows. The government has removed all Canadian incentives for Postcards to get a negotiated settlement, which agency knows that employees will start working next week, they will be charged.

"The strike is part of the collective bargaining," said the Canadian Labor Commission President Hassan Yussuff. "Without it, an employer does not have an incentive to negotiate with good faith, and the workers do not request a process process."

Canadian Post Officers Prime Minister Justin Trudeau persuaded Christmas that he would not return his work bill, the CUPW chairman Mike Palecek added.

The Canadian Union's Board of Directors is taking office on Friday with Catherine McKenna's community office in Ottawa. (Fred Chartrand / Canadian Press)

"The mail was moving and people know about it," he said. "People have received email and online orders, which was the tactic of our wheel tactics, not the fight with the public."

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh denounced Liberal Hypocrisy while believing in the right to collective bargaining as the "worst and most draconian" of "worst job" legislation.

"They showed their true face … This government is not a friendly employee," Singhe said.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh thanked Canadian Post members on Friday at the press conference in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press)

New Democratic MPs voted against a vote to accelerate the debate on vote polls, and many voted for a walk-in show, raising their fingertips to public postal mailers. The voting votes were not counted.

Six New Democrats were discussed when the party's representative in the small chamber was discussed.

Constitutional concerns

The CUPW maintains an unconstitutional bill and is challenging in court.

The unions won an appeal against the anti-trust legislation of the 2011 conservative government in previous mailboxes. If the court of 2016 determines workers' right to strike, the invoice violates the right to freedom of association and freedom of expression.

Hajdu argued that his bill was "enormously different" from the "hefty" government of Harper, and he considered the concerns of the unions and the Canadian Post.

But two independent senators, Frances Lankin and Diane Griffin, according to Hajdu, say that the bill is not a constitutional one. The couple said Hajdu decided to study the government, that the bill did not violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but it was still not done on Friday afternoon.

Watch: Canadian Post strike Moncton

Continuous Ethnic Markets in Canada, Moncton. Canada's strike strikes hundreds of thousands of trade union workers on the fifth week of the week, and they have not yet negotiated contract negotiations. 0:30

CUPW members have made one-month crossings, causing the massive agility of the mailboxes and mailboxes in the mailboxes, while the Canadian Post Office and the Union have had a lot of conflict.

Canadian Post could spend some weeks, until 2019, to clear the back of the building, especially in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

50,000 members of the CUPW, in both groups, demand better wages for rural and neighboring people, with greater job security and minimum guaranteed hours.

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