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Game dependence is a serious issue that deserves special attention and causes a powerful person without proper treatment. Nobody has to face the compulsive game threat, which has recently been confirmed Liberal Brampton East MP Rajvinder Grewal who will give his resignation to look for more time with himself, his problem to work on the trends of the game.

After an unforeseen incident event, MP is getting a long fight with the compulsive habits of the game, which has had a huge impact on its financial situation. As it turns out, debts have been significant in their personal lives, and the 33th Liberal MP has decided Control the status of the spiral. With the help of a Facebook post, he made a public announcement, informing the voters that they would take care of themselves.

The secret on the game has destructive effects

It takes a lot of power to recognize a weakness and to recognize the problem, but it is also the first step to solve it. He said he realized it was time to take action, his mental health was also the consequence of game addiction. He also hurt his loved ones and his career the compulsive tendency of the leader.

The news was announced at the office of the Prime Minister, who had no longer been part of the structure, as soon as he has professional help, and offers all the time and effort he has dedicated to this problem. As a response, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau He stated his position on his subject. He approves the final decision of Parliament and expects the best result of that era.

It should be mentioned that the official newspaper announcing its resignation refers to "personal and medical reasons", but Prime Minister Trudeau reveals that the problem was to control the addiction of the game. All civil servants that make up this exception have decided that the decision is the most demanding at this time. Recall that MP Grewal was the leader October 2015, Commons House.

Freedom of Parliament's Freedom of Freedom Research

Shortly after the resignation was announced, many people began to question how to ask how to influence the political situation in the Ontario province. Later, his resignation confirmed the reason once again with a Facebook post. MP Grewal next year was again on the election. The Liberal Party nominated this year again for elections, but now things have changed and the situation has changed Elects a voter.

The special election intends to fill the vacant office before the general elections. However, an intriguing situation showed the most recent expression Prime Minister's spokesman Danny Marttini-Chapman. As it turns out, the Peel Regional Office Police investigates whether or not constant investigation is carried out on the Liberal parliament's problem. No official confirmation of any investigation has been made at this time.

However, according to the spokesman, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police NDP MP Charlie Angus was invited by MP Grewal and Yusuf Yenilmez of ZGemi Inc., two former Liberals of conflict resolution, Mr Yenilmez, including several senior government officials from India , and is known among the contractors of ZGEMI Brampton's managers. Restoration of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The latest filings also show that Mr Grewal has been financially aiding employment income from ZGEMS Inc, with more complicated issues. In the coming weeks, they can see the official RCMP statement If information about a criminal activity is generated.

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