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Canadian High School Channel, along with Harris's classmates, encouraged the executive president

In the photographic picture booklet of graduate students of the postgraduate graduate in WASHINGTON-1981, Hugh Kwok is on the left side of a Kamala Harris glasses on the right shoulder.

Kwok worked with his father at the automotive industry in Montreal. He did not know, Harris was the United States Senator. Now it forces the democratically elected presidency for 2020.

United States Senator Kamala Harris, here on May 5.
United States Senator Kamala Harris, here on May 5. (CHRIS DELMAS / AFP / GETTY IMAGES)

When Kwok asked in December his thoughts on the potential of running older pal, he answered with a question question.

"What is President running for?" He asked that Rotary Club could think of a local response.

Notifying that he was in the US presidency, his voice rose. "Not at all Oh my goodness. I can not believe it," he said. Then he decided that this idea was supportive.

"We can use the good president," he said. "He was a sweet and kind person, very happy, very social. I'm very excited, that's what he wants with his life."

Harris has said he should decide whether he or she will decide on holidays. If so, one of the main candidates will be the Democracy nomination. Nowadays it is possible Westmount, a 145-year-old public school of Art Ross, singer and art of hockey, Leonard Cohen, before producing the Canadian Prime Minister of the United States.

Harris returned to his original university at the university, and many of Westmount's most or all-famous touches lost many years ago. But some of them have launched texts on this rise and Facebook messages. And they are not surprised in general.

Fifty Senators remember today, at the age of 54, with teenage thrived school and dance floor. It facilitates the reputation of fair and economically subtle distribution of studies of a wide variety, based on the richest and smallest neighborhoods.

Harris said "it was a hint that he was ready for success," said Paul Olioff, an academic advisor at the McGill University today, reminding him of "a strong and safe presence".

"We had a lot of segregated school at Westmount High School, not in a hostile way, but we had more socioeconomic divisions, as Mrs. Harris exceeded, as she did, she did not go along," said Olioff.

This is at least the fourth consecutive time presidential election candidate has had family ties in Canada. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, lost his first Republican in 2016, was born in Calgary. Former president Barack Obama has a brother in Burlington.

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Obama and Cruz know that "America First" Trump has the talent to break into the backbone of its rivalry. He asked through email as to how his Westmount years had an impact, as Harris pointed out that Montréal, Quebec or Canada did not.

"My sister Maya and I made good friends and even learned some French, we were happy to return home to California," said the spokesman.

He added: "A female assistant hospital admitted to hospital helped end my mother to help create an assistant team at the Highland Hospital in a later life."

Harris, a former Barrister lawyer and California attorney, California's two daughter-in-law children, has earned two PhDs: Indian-born scientist and breast cancer researcher Shyamala Gopalan Harris and a born economist teacher Donald Harris.

When Kamala was a young child he was divorced. When he was 12 years old, he said, when his mother moved to Montréal. She is 16 years old at work, according to the 2009 family household.

Harris's parents participated in the United States civil rights movement. The San Francisco Chronicle arrived at the Mayan Harris lawyer, adviser and television consultant Hillary Clinton, to be 13 activists of Kamala Quebec. He organized a successful protest for children in non-play. -Package bag in their apartment building.

On the 1981 Westmount anniversary, Harris thanked his mother and sang the memory of "California". His favorite hobby said: "he danced six super; Midnight Magic". Wanda Kagan's old friend told the Canadian press that he had last year's Midnight Magic dance group in fundraisers and husband-wife communities.

Senator Kamala Harris from California, United States President, graduated from Westmount High School in Montreal in 1981.
Senator Kamala Harris from California, United States President, graduated from Westmount High School in Montreal in 1981. (Presented by John Dila)

Eyal Dattel, director of Human Resources in Vancouver, said that he recalls his drama as a "always friendly person" fellow and now sees "an ideal candidate for a progressive future." Dean Smith, a Montreal-based basketball coach, said Harris was a tough and fond student, helping classmates with school and prefer less money than average kids.

"In my opinion, the president would be excellent, because it is a reason," he said.

John Dila, the Harris class, is currently a Harris company in the California startup scene business, said the magazine, which regularly discussed the issues of Westmount students.

Harris lived in Québec on a local day: the provincial government passed the 1977 French language law, gained independence in the referendum in 1980, and in 1981 opposed the Constitution's patriotism. Dila, who praised Harris at the time, said that he had a better policy affair than that of American colleagues who had lively experiences.

"Those who have lived in Canada are seminal years, and I can not believe that it has not been for many years."

At least one Westmount fellow is Harris's nomination. Gail Clarke described Harris as "pretend sweet", as the senator decided on 11th that he was not going to hang out with excessive abuses. Clarke added: "I want the best of Kamala".

Before Harris, Westmount's most successful graduate of politics was Stockwell Day, former conservative, former minister and former chief of the Party of the Canadian Party.

Even Day, in Class 67, he had positive words about Harris's offer. He said his experience at a school that is both diverse and harmonious at the same time "gave his excellent views on how multinational people can really work together to live together."

"Their policies at California Attorney General, things like gun control and criminal justice reform were fairly fit in Canada," the newspaper said in an email. "If the presidency is running and gaining, we will definitely be able to transfer the Westmount High Alums to its inauguration!"

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