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Canadian scientists' prematurely-edited children's & # 39; The use of technology is called the National Life


TORONTO – Canadian researchers have added their voice to the development of a Chinese scientist's international condemnation to create genetically modified twin girls using a gene-editing tool called CRISPR.

He Jiankui He Jiankui, South China's Science and Technology Technology, announced a non-confirmed claim on Monday, which modifies the emulsion DNA during fertility treatments to infect babies in the future with HIV.

This genetics genetics is opposed to some ethical guidelines and some of the laws that regulate the use of gene law in some countries. Some call it a slippery mountain designer for babies.

Dr. Janet Rossant, a senior scientist at the Sick Children Hospital Hospital, is not clear about what really happened to the investigations, whether they were not published in medical journals or proven by other scientists.

"But on the face, the clinic on ethical consensus on international research has progressed," said Rossant on Monday.

The use of CRISPR-Cas9 is an exciting advantage in using CRISPR-Cas9 to eliminate or reorder parts of DNA. However, this tool should only be used for humans, completely safe and rigorous ethical guidelines.

"The genetic change made was not to prevent a serious genetic disease, which would be classified as an improvement, that is to say, that the Academy of Sciences, Engineering and the Medical Academy did not think about it," he added.

Genes to manipulate genes to prevent HIV infection "we do not know what the long-term effects are and, nevertheless, there is no child for children."

DNA is a variant of man's rush, sperm or embryo, called germ line, that is to say, not only for children but also for future generations. Such risks are unknown, and scientists and medical organizations have asked for their moratorium on use in laboratories.

According to the Canadian Human Reproduction Act, this edition of germinations is not illegal, and it will be punished for up to 10 years.

Sohnee Ahmed, the Canadian President of the Association of Genetic Counselors, said the Chinese scientist's claim is true, the birth of the first genetically modified children's births, based on scientific maturity and ethics.

"I am sure that the genetic world was thinking about what would happen one day," said Ahmed, a genetic counselor at the Toronto DNA Testing Laboratory.

"I hope that international organizations that have expressed a certain degree of willingness would not want them to achieve this point, so I would be reluctant to say that someone is evil," he said.

"And nothing (those) would really double it to emphasize this, it would not be something right now, and not without any kind of control."

Tim Caulfield, Professor of Health and Law at the University of Alberta, said the arrival of the genetic edition is exciting, as the use of DNA rescue technology is "premature".

"I believe that we are developing international consensus so that the investigation is going forward, we should be open to knowing how to apply it in the future, but we are not in this situation where we want to use the technology clinic," said Edmonton.

"These technologies can be detrimental to the public in the field of science as a whole. I think it is very important that progress is both carefully and transparently."

On Monday, more than 100 scientists signed an application by Chinese scientists for the country's oversight of the Geneva-based experimentation experiments. The South University said that it would be considered as a claim and "seriously damaging academic and standard customs".

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