Wednesday , May 18 2022

Canadians neglect their Netflix subscriptions and are no longer expensive


Netflix Canada announced an increase in monthly subscription prices. Price growth Netflix is ​​the largest Canadian ever ever made. Now, Canadians protest price growth and cancel their subscription.

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The standard Netflix plan is $ 3.99 per month for $ 3.99. The basic plan has risen to $ 9.99 per month and the premium plan will cost $ 16.99. Netflix did not raise prices until one year and a half ago, and since then, subscription plans have risen to $ 1 only.

Canadians are now boycotting Netflix, and many say they will go to other options or register with other services when Netflix Canadian costs rise.

The reason, according to many Canadians, It's not just for the price hike route. But also, seeing Netflix Canadian options is not worth the quality and variety of the price. They have taken a lot of Twitter and Reddit frustration.

Through video camera | Reddit Canada

Netflix is ​​no longer the only streaming service in Canada. Bell Media's Crave is, unlike Netflix, the current HBO shows today. Disney's Playmaking Service Hulu will launch next year Canada in 2019 and has well-known shows like "The Handmaid's Tale" and "This Is Us".

Netflix Canada has not yet responded directly to its price debate routes Streaming service has also been amazed at the rise in prices, and high prices will be launched immediately to new subscribers, subscribers will receive a message on price change before they have an impact. General news.

Netflix Canada wants to justify the decision to increase prices. "Sometimes, Netflix's plans and pricing will be directed, when television and movies are exclusively added, incorporating new product features and improving Netflix's overall experience, members see something better, even faster," he said. General news.

It's clear that Netflix Canada has made the decision to move forward Price growth will come with sacrifices of many loyal subscribers.

Through video camera | Reddit Canada

Through video camera | Reddit Canada

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