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Canadiens can not solve unwanted win-win wins in power-play woes


MONTREAL – We realize that we have to take into account the most amazing thing about these out of Montreal: it was not a single thing, losing Boston Bruins 4-0. Bell Center on Monday.

They played a decisive game in their vicious rivals, almost everywhere.

Effort? Scary. Executions? Do not exist Excuses? None.

"They came here to win the mission, we just came here to play," said Canadiens coach Claude Julien and then why he did not explain.

Bruins came to Buffalo Sabres to beat Buffalo Sabres on Sunday, winning six of the last eight games against the friendly team of Canadiens. The goalkeepers were hoping to fly the doors and try to think they were going to take him from the second position afterwards, and then they would face a challenge to their physical condition.

The Canadians did not do it. Point ending

Here are a lot of things: The complexity of this game is how you might have to ask about Montreal's power behavior in the first two periods to capitalize on those options.

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price stayed for the first 40 minutes and kept his team alive to kill himself. Only 12 of the first season he was saving his teammates, committed 14 returns and lost 60 percent of the 60's face and the second, the fort was built by Bruins until they found 26 seconds in the network.

The interested parties gave Canadiens three power games. They did not find a single quality punctuation option in one of them.

Mystifying? You bet

So it is: The team did not score a goal in the last 25 men's advantages. Shea Weber has only one, the man with the greatest NHL point, returned 10 years ago. And it has 117 points in 117 seasons (more than three competitions have been awarded).

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It seems impossible to be one of the most common strategies of Kirk Muller's Kirk Müller, with the excellent offensive coordinator Dominique Ducharme, and the talented players that scored the second Canadiens – a five-season scoring team.

However, the behavior of the powerful is not the fact that Canadians have their place among eight of their toponyms. However, he does not get more advanced opportunities in the qualifying round.

They undoubtedly went against Boston. He joined the team in Montréal in the single point classification and the left one.

And as the games tighten during the second half, the behavior of the powers Canadiens costs more if they do not rush.

You ask Canadians how to close the search solutions. According to what they are showing in the ice, they appear very far away. And when they talk to them, they seem to know what they need to know when they are configured, but they try to establish the offensive correctly.

"I think we have to shoot the puck," said Price. "When things go wrong, it seems that the recipe that everyone will come up with is very easy. Just get the puck into the net and just jam."

The 22 shots from Montreal reached four games, and no one fell into a network enough.

Julien shared his thoughts that the team did not recover its strategy for the last season, the 21,9 percent and the end of the 13th category.

"I think at one point, I think the coach does not want to have a toe, I think players should take ownership," said Julien. "They are the best players in your team and they have to start staging. They wanted to shoot Pucks and score goals".

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Canadiens should also find the right way through ice. They need better help to get loose pucks and set up their structure.

And they have to find their disappointment in Bruins. Secondly, Puck jumped in Toronto with no disappointment on October 3.

"They are just small things," said Brendan Gallagher. "We need to win Puck battles, it's not a strategic problem, it's just a matter of working ethics, we need to find a way to get a Puck. We did not have enough control over Puck or anything we've worked on. It's not strategic. "

It's a problem if it is. A mess.

As the Canadians repaid the night, it's still not enough to save them. 35-22 went out and got a wide margin, they gave 24 times and they were eliminated by another seven.

"But when you capitalize on those opportunities to get 1-0 power, we can match the game and that's why we're ready", said Canadiens Jeff Petry. "The goal is very important and it is a great time in the game, and we do not do it".

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