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Canucks at Night: No Gaudy goals


Young people, they say, the young man is wasted.

That might be true, but it's definitely not true when you won the National Hockey League first

Adam Gaudette did not want to miss out on Saturday when he found his goal against the Kings in the First National Hockey League.

For Gaudette, this was his 20th season, the 25th of his career.

He got every level.

He did not play in the NHL, not until Saturday night.

Yes, he did not score that bugging, he accepted on Saturday night.

"It's probably stressful, it's not trying to think, but now it's over, it's a big relief," he said, passionate.

And where is pucka?

"Surely, put the table in the house," he said.

About goal

"Goldy and Jake's great games," said Gaudette, who had won both sides of the credit on the side panels when they jumped on ice.

He started racing and Virtan shouted.

Virtanen said that he did not know that Gaudette was called, he saw that the team was watching his thigh of his gaze and had entered the slot.

"I turned it on and shot it, it's usually a good thing with a loose puck. I wanted to get a quick shot."

But then he heard the young man.

"It was nice and wonderful. Easy to play."

"As soon as he touched Puck, he knew."

Sometimes players describe such great moments, though they are slowly moving, though they are too fast. At this time, Gaudette and Virtanen spoke: they soon acted.

"I think it's pretty fast, it's not really processed right away," said Gaudett.

Virtane said that everything was naturally done.

After taking pressure from Goldobin, "I do not know what happened. I remember playing a dog's skateboarder."

And later, it was in the back of the network.

Virtan was elated by his friend.

"I told him about ten months before I got there," he claimed. "It felt really good to happen. I always like a player getting the first goal and being part of it."

While Gaudett held another team together with three other team-mates, his face was cleared, Virtanen turned them back on the net.

"He did not want to get out, he was buried in the back," he said. The referee also came and offered help, but that was his job.

In the bank, his team members were retired.

"That was fun, he forced all the boys to make the bulb," said Antoine Roussel.

Gaudette is now the monkey on her back.

"Fortunately, there's not much less voltage," he said.

Virtanen vs. Phaneuf

Virtanen got a free night ice. All Skating 20:17, Markus Granlund behind the second team. (Surprise!)

The Wizard played a great part in the game.

Dion Phaneuf was the first toughest defensive crime, but then he tried once again after a scoring.

"Before warming, I said that mine was mine all night. Then he turned to me," Virtanen said.

Vancouver Canucks, "Jake Virtan, right, in Los Angeles Kings" Dion Phaneuf has been selected for the first time in the NHL hockey game, Saturday, November 24, 2012 in Los Angeles.

Jae C. Hong /


"He was very weak and could be harder the next time. I stood up."

Virtanen grinned.

"We always fight forever, it was difficult to play against him."

To kill the penalty penalty

The king won a shot by Drew Doughty, as much as Chris Tanev and Michael Del Zotto won at least, and Jacob Markstrom abandoned it.

Markstrom said he did not leave any mistake, because such things were happening.

"You need to leave it here. I like it all year round," he said.

Otherwise, he said well-known Puck all night long. He was happy to find a way to break the team and win.

The team might have been emotionally encouraged by a group that struggled to end the sentence.

"Our killers have felt the heat," said Travis Green.

He was very happy to close the game.

Pettersson wins the winner

Elias Pettersson said that Dion Phaneuf knew how to break the puck ice wheel. He listened to his work to read it perfectly, to puck and race, in Kings player Cal Petersen.

He started pumping low and hard, exactly where he wanted to put it, he said.

And he made sure that everything would happen quickly, that Petersen's capitalization was unexpected that he did not expect play to take.

"I got the feeling that it was quite the goal to get out of the row," he said. "I was trying to put less than a little."

"I've never had a goalie, but if your team has a puck, I think, I hope the goalkeeper is going to puck out," he said.

Royal coach Willie Desjardins made a bad decision.

"Yes, and Dion knows that," said Jon Rosen to LA Kings Insider. "It's hard to do that. I think our help was too long. If we get some help, it does not support that."

Good game management

Did Ilya Kovalchuk play? How many good opportunities did the kings get?

Canucks was very well-versed, he was not faced with the dead and his options.

The ad map states as follows:

There are plans that are next to the network, but they are simple places that the keepers can keep.

On the other hand, Canucks faced very well pucks.

When the battle began, Kings made an attempt, but with Canucks facing basketball, it's not surprising. The king won the third, respectively, but Jeff Carter did not make iron shots, but he was not a king.

And Kovalchuk, "he replied without a game," the kings got six shots on Jacob Markstrom, while he was still in the ice.

Goal of Gagner

The fast puck movement was the name of the second goal of the Canucks game, drilled in front of Sam Gagner, after passing through Bo Horvat. Puck started on the other side of the ice.

"I think it starts, there were some chaos. We won a Puck battle. Goldy climbed to the point and gave us a fracture to kill him," he said. "Move fast".

Then, Goldobin led Alex Edler to the puck, who was at the point, who immediately changed the pulse with the right man, Pettersson, and then went to Bo Horvat. A common place in front of the goalkeeper.

"He made a great play and I put it at home."

Tribute to McGeough

An agreeable moment, the kings remembered that Mick McGeough was a former judge and this week.

We're pissed off & # 39;

Antoine Roussel's night ended on Friday night with a snack.

He summed up the situation that frustrated the team, losing in eight lines.

"We're pissed," he said.

At the end of the game with sharks, Marc-Edouard Vlasic joined the quarrel.

He said that he felt the only way he could tighten his arms and feel the reaction of the embrace, when Vlasic felt his hands in his throat. (Travis Green also casts Roussel's hair on the failures).

"It's the only way," he said flatly. "I do not like holding your hand in your throat. Hands would not be there."

"It's a tough game".

He said he did not expect the league to settle on the incident.

Night Quote

Roussel earned the team on board.

"Just enjoy the moment. It's been a tough week ago."

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