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Canucks began to build belief as the youth movement earns

EDMONTON – Whether you're in a whirlwind of Edmonton's final regeneration or getting into a traction in Vancouver, or not, to make your beliefs offensive.

After Vancouver Kanucks won the 4-2 Road Championship for the Western Conference of the Olympics, Edmonton won the second win in the last five games, the belief that Kanuck's dressing will begin in this room. If those doors are still outside.

"If we did not, who else is we to believe with you?" Ask goaltender Jacob Markstrom. "You (media) guys are not, so I'm sure."

Fair, Jacob.

For this reason, Canucks defines the group that supposed the "Lose for Hughes" constellation. Instead, the right balance of the wild card mixer is set in the middle of time. Vancouver got lucky on Thursday Cheers of Oilers Mikko Koskinen sent the first scorer of the season, but scored four goals to win the first win.

They won the Canucks because they were opportunists and they achieved the goal of the opponent. So what if they had only 20 goals scored and Edmonton had a long list?

As we have shown in the end, there is no explanation, and this win canucks 18-18-4.

"This is how you feel," said Markstrom. "To win is not something to be a celebration. It should be normal … and we needed a lot of time in that organization. That's what we are going to do to get back on track."

There are holes here, of course. That's why there was no voice in the field of hockey, because it played against Canucks against this season's playoff. But apart from being a superb skill in Elias Pettersson, Bo Horvat's second-line central and talented team is the perfect Sniper Sniper and some pieces.

To name a bus with a long-term solution, Oilers still has spent fifteen years in the project.

"From the first day, we talked about what we want to play," said Travis Green. "We want to play harder and faster, and we wanted to play meaningful games, which is why we are developing and, of course, winning our young boys. We want to win and we are preaching.

"We do not anticipate ourselves. We're still 5.5. We still have a long way to go."

In an outdoor room the voices were heard, when they fell down the hallway at the Oilers bathhouse, they were in 2018. However, in 2018, four dogs were lost. Right away and play against San José.

"We've dug four of the last seven holes and we can not keep any rubbish," said Milan Lucic, the two sides of the $ 6 million left in two 2018 games, with a two-goal finish in the January calendar. "We need to find an exit and not take one or two boys, each one will take it.

"We know he's there," he pleaded. "We think this group, this place and the hard part of the season are coming out. If we find a way out later, I hope you'll do it better."

Edmonton played a large part of the game after giving the first 4-1 (in the first five years of the first period of the Canucks until the ninth day). They beat Vancouver 32-20, and Cam Talbot released Koskina for 20 minutes and did not concede a goal.

Oh, it was another moral victory for a team that could build a tower in the office, starting 11 or 12 years ago when it was rebuilt.

"Right now I think it's a blockage to the building," said Ken Hitchcock, who plans to tell the media, what they think about their players. "I know we're hurting a lot of situation, we've got a lot of people out there, but I've seen some things today, just like some construction blocks, and we're hoping for a different level."

Oh yes. Sixteen goalmate Alex Chiasson leaves the game and does not return after losing a puck of a buckle. That's bad news.

Good news Edmonton will not see Vancouver again until January 16.

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