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Car after 2 dead training – BC News

The inhabitants of Vavenby did not die after a tractor for water treatment and began to pour diesel into the North Thompson River.

Internal Health is a counsel for residents to verify fuel contamination signals.

Citizens who draw water from the North Thompson River to 10 km south of Avola and the combination of North Thompson and Clearwater rivers to be wiser and check their water for a diesel fuel signal.

"The Avola Creek water system has been transported to Avola Creek, which does not affect this incident," said Internal Health spokesman.

Residents do not have to use the river water, if it smells like fuel or is crushed.

"This means that drinking, shower or tooth cleaning does not come from there," said the spokeswoman.

Because TNRD boils water, it will not work safely, and all water users recommend using bottled water until more notes are made.

Water bottles and water belt will be provided at the Vavenby Fire Room for Residents of Vavenby Community Water System.

It is not clear how long it will be and the Ministry of the Environment is monitoring the situation and working with an environmental consultant.

For more information, residents can call TNRD at 1-866-377-7188.


UPDATED: 11:30 p.m.

Police are investigating, the elderly couple caught a train inside and dragged on.

The couple died on Sunday after the car was killed.

Staff Sgt. David Brown Langley RCMP played an important part of the incident that happened on Sunday morning at the crossroads of traffic.

"The lights and arms are blinking, so it's hard to stop the track of the vehicles," he said. "Couples are elderly, it could be an accident."

Researchers still know how to get vehicles to run on two-wheeled cars in the car to bring the trains to come.

Brown says, "A certain distance," the train is crawling with the CN trains.

The police arrived at the doctor.

They gave their couples CPR, but two scenes were killed.

– Canadian Press files

ORIGINAL: 11 a.m.

An elderly couple died after a train struck by a train in Langley.

The police said that CTV News was stuck in the vehicle when it was considered as a railroad track.

The event occurred about 10 minutes for Langley Bypass and Glover Road.

Paramedics were in the scene and talking to police witnesses.

– CTV with Vancouver files

December 30, 2018 / 6:57 a.m. | Story:

The federal liberal freed up Jagmeet Singh NDP leader in Jagmeet Singh's business owner at Lower Mainland.

Karen Wang, the owner of the Angels Playhouse, before the 2017 province was in the B.C. Liberal was nominated as a Lebanese nominee on Saturday at a meeting of the Burnaby nomination.

Biotechnology scientist Cyrus Eduljee, winner of the Stemcell Technology product, has been nominated for 123 members.

"I am so excited and here I am honored," said Wang, who was reading a poem written by Chinese poets.

"Because my eyes are full of tears because they love it so much on earth," the poem began.

Wang told reporters that he believes it's been taken by Singh, he has been riding for 20 years and has strong connections to the community.

"It's not from our local community it can not figure out, replace us," he said.

"I think we will have a good chance of winning Burnaby in South, this time I know very well with our community. I'm here."

Wang said that the three main priorities would improve sustainable improvement, increasing supply, creating more jobs and improving public transport.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not yet set the date for the Burnaby South trial, former PM MP Kennedy Stewart, current mayor of Vancouver. Trudeau is expected to Burnaby South, Outremont, Que., And York-Simcoe, Ont. – Call for elections held at the beginning of the new year.

The nominee expected in February marks Singh's political test so far. It also seeks to ease the fear of fundraising, a growing list of election polls and five non-executives in 2019.

Singh has said he intends to focus on campaigning for the next month, so he can "select" his campaign campaign for the campaign's critique.

In the 2015 federal elections, the NDP won more than 500 votes in Burnaby South.

Apart from the party's non-profit party, apart from the party, there has been no apparition since 1940. Singh will not say what he loses.

The conservative corporate lawyer Jay Shin has the option, and the Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, has said that a strike will not have any candidates.

Maxime Bernier's Canadian People's Party has nominated a candidate for two weeks, said Martin Masse, spokeswoman. As the parties are horsemen in the constituency district so new and recently established, the candidates will not be selected by typical candidates.


December 30, 2018 / 6:50 a.m. | Story:

Former British Legislative Reporter, the voice of the coroners' service in the province has died.

B.C. The government has said that complications associated with the latest diagnostic of the thyroid died at age 68, at Barb McLintock.

McLintock joined the BC Coroners Service as part of the provincial newspaper's policy.

At 14 years he went to the service of coroner, first as a research judge in 2004, and then he was the president of strategic programs, including communication and media relations.

On Twitter, Prime Minister John Horg said "a journalist and good public servant" called McLintock, "the world has lost a wonderful soul."

Smuggler Lisa Lapointe told McLintock a statement that "he was telling stories, saying his incredible sense of duty and public service, and his kindness and thoughtful act".

UPDATE: 6:30 a.m.

The Trans-Canada Road was reopened the night, DriveBC reports.

UPDATED: 4 p.m.

Fraser Canyon Highway Boston will be closed north on Saturday.

The closing of the Highway 1 is Boston Bar 20 km north.

In addition to the lowered power lines, many large boulders have fallen on the highway.

Emil Anderson Maintenance posted on Twitter throughout the day as he was telling himself that he was cleansing many small Canyon markers, when BC Hydro stepped down the lines.

Lower power lines have more than 500 homes in the field.

DriveBC will not open the planned time to open the road again.

UPDATED: 2:15 p.m.

Road 3 is open after the mountaineering check-in after the Saturday morning schedule.

The avalanche control will continue tomorrow, the Trans-Canada road will be closed to the west for two hours, at 7:00 p.m.

ORIGINAL: 10 a.m.

Heavy snowfall in the interior has forced Kootenay Pass to close the gap to prevent the danger of the gangs being compromised.

A 15.7-kilometer stretch of Western Avalanche Gate and East Avalanche Gate has been closed for mountaineers on Saturday.

DriveBC calculates that the highway will open at noon again.

Later on the night, the Trans-Canada Road is expected to be temporarily closed for mountaineering control.

From Griffin Lake Avalanche Gate Clanwilliam Bridge OH, Revelstoke to the west, Closed 1 to 7 freeway will be closed.

UPDATED: 9:30 p.m.

Gold 1 motorway has been cleared by DriveBC.

See updates on this link throughout the night, since the end of the era has been permanently closed.

UPDATED: 8:50 p.m.

There is still a 1.5-kilometer stretch around the Golden Near Highway 1.

It has been open and closed for several hours in the last hours.

A vehicle accident at least 4 p.m. Close the highway down. Nowadays those who are reporting to DriveBC are closed again in new directions.

The update is not expected again until 11:00 p.m.

UPDATED: 7:30 p.m.

Highway 1 is cleared in the direction of Anderson Road and 11th Street North along 1.5 km of Gold.

UPDATED: 6:25.

The Golden Near Highway 1 has been closed again.

There is not yet a word open again.

UPDATED: 6 p.m.

DriveBC indicates that it operates on a single lane in the vicinity, changing 1.5 kilometers of traffic near the gold.

The next update is expected at 7:00 p.m.

ORIGINAL: 4:25 p.m.

A 1.5 kilometer stretch of the Golden Roadway is closed due to the vehicle's momentum.

The incident occurred between Anderson Road and 11th Street North.

The reopened time is unavailable while the evaluation is underway. Next press conference will be given at 6:00 p.m. PST

A man who has been prescribed throughout the province in mid-December has been arrested with police at Salmon Arm.

Jason Ross Cameron, aged 41, earned a $ 5 million crime and was robbed, robbed and robbed, and theft of a vehicle.

They were arrested and detained without incident, on December 28, when members of the Salmon Arm RCMP detachment were in Cameron.

The RCMP wants to thank the people who provide information about Cameron location. They said that the capture of this man who wanted the public information was essential.

A downtown Vancouver restaurant disappeared after a commercial stall was preparing soup after the ravages found in a plate on a plate.

Crab Park Chowdery, where they found a trained rat, used a restaurant near Mamie Taylor to make their soups. Vancouver Coast Health Inspectors closed on Friday in Mamie Taylor, in the opinion of the social media, a baby in front of a rat on a bucket.

On Saturday, Mamie Taylor has made it clear that he has opened the door again, and owner Ron Oliver announces CTV News breaking mattress.

"It seemed nice to me I was accustomed, it was not a problem, but, at the same time, [Friday] It was a very difficult day, "Oliver said.

He criticized the steak for his lack of purity.

"Restaurants are not to be confusing, especially when you are preparing food, it is very important that cleanliness is of great importance. There were some issues on everything that were organized and organized, but constantly ongoing," he said.

Oliver affirmed that Mamie Taylor does not use the same basement kitchen, that is, the chowdery plant operating in the main floor.

Crab Park Chowdery's owner Ashton Phillips said CTV had no incident on Friday.

"We have crossed a strict and rigorous work to offer the best safety and health standards."

Vancouver Coast Health has confirmed that the stomach septum was released in February in February, but this problem was resolved this month later, and no signs were seen in April or October.

CTV with Vancouver files

UPDATED: 4:30 p.m.

Three snowmobile riders near Revelstoke were sled on snow.

Revelstoke RCMP said 5 a.m. On Saturday, informed Ryan Pyper of Red Deer, Alta., and Braydon Kennedy and Todd Kennedy Sylvan Lake, High. It was not heard from the previous day.

With the ground gang and a helicopter, Revelstoke Search and Rescue found three men at 3:00 p.m. Mount Boulder

Men were brought to the Boulder mountain cabin to warm up and did not need medical attention.

Revelstoke RCMP warns foreigners that they have the right equipment when they enter the mountains, to travel in groups and be ready to spend the night.

UPDATED: 3:10 p.m.

The search of three snowmobilers near Revelstoke was happy on Saturday.

Ryan Pyper, Braydon Kennedy and Todd Kennedy were found in Boulder Mountain, after looking after gangs in the morning and looking for them in the afternoon.

At this moment it is unclear what caused them on the mountains on the night of the sea, but there was a great deal of snow on Friday, and the visibility was low.

ORIGINAL: 2:15 p.m.

Search and Rescue teams are gathering an area near Revelstoke on Saturday, three snowmobiles did not return to Friday.

Ryan Pyper, Braydon Kennedy and Todd Kennedy Revelstoke arrived in Alberta on Thursday night, and the next day they went to sledding around Boulder Mountain. The area is a sledding region.

On Saturday morning, Pyper's wife Rozanne published on Facebook, because they did not hear it from Friday morning. The man has found the truck in the parking lot of Boulder Mountain sledding area.

This afternoon, Rozann says he is looking for a helicopter in four-hour environments, but it seems that there is little visibility in the area.

"I appreciate my family and all your love and help". "We keep together and we are very positive."

Rozanne's first post has been shared over 10,000 times.

December 29, 2018 / 12:39 | Story:

BC All customers who lost power in the British West Bank power plant should regain a one-year-old, northern and eastern parts of the province for winter storms.

The crew have recovered more than 700,000 customers, which on December 20 caused the wind and the Gulf islands maintained about 650 customers on Saturday.

BC Hydro says that the Gulf islands of the south were harder and that storms were damaged by hundreds of power lines, poles, cross-arms and transformers, and trees and vegetation were completely covered.

Canadian islands have been sent to the Gulf Islands to help with restoration efforts, and over 80 people work on Saturday.

BC Hydro wants to recover the power of Bruce Peak, Galiano, Mayne, and Saturn on Saturday, on Saturday, Saturday, and Sunday Park Island.

The Canadian Environment warns of Canadian storm and snowfall east to the east of British Columbia, south of Fort Nelson, east of the Columbia and Shuswap districts in the south, 30 meters ahead of the snowy weather forecast before the Alberta.

December 29, 2018 / 12:20 p.m. | Story:

B.C. Lottery Corp. wins the $ 39.5 million winner on Friday night to buy the Lotto Max jackpot in the South Delta.

The Crown corporation says the only winners of the win-win series integrate all seven of Canada's total.

The salesman will be informed of the specific sales point on the ticket sale after winning.

All lottery winners will receive within a period of 52 days with the card printed, until the prize is received.

The Lotto Max jackpot or Maxmillion winners are 28,633,528 games.

On next January 4, the next lottery max jackpot will be roughly $ 10 million.

A pedestrian caught a bus and Surrey was seriously injured.

The RCMP closed Intersection 152 and Legendary 68 at Newton, after collision, at 7:20 p.m.

The police say the injuries of the victim are seriously and potentially life threatening.

Citizens want to avoid the matter, while the police continue to investigate.

All circulatory circulation from post 72 is blocked and all 66 traffic in the north.

Anyone on the spot can contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

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