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Card gamers and computer gamers may not agree on Artifact pricing


Balbula Dota's themed card game Artifact has received praise criticism In his first days, Steam's "Mixed & # 39; She is sitting in a review situation. It's a collision between two worlds. Card game players are keen to compare how "cheap" card collections and competitive Artifact competitions are compared to Magic and Hearthstone, but the number of purchases to be paid after players pay for computer game pricing is $ 20 and there is no limited free progress.

This was planned We took it A deep look at the cost of the game Before the release of Artifact and comments on this article are very close to the game reviews: people point out how easy it is to assemble competitors and others that are totally costly.

It will depend on how you see the price of artifact prices from your point of view, and they will not be the best entry for new card collectors at the beginning. The market has been a heterogeneous place in the first 48 hours, much more volatile than I expected, and market speculation is taking place in the new magic set.

The main focus is Ax, the strongest Red Hero, expected to become the most expensive card in the game, because Red is a popular color and a Ax Red Summit is a staple. When the market was opened, Ax Magic acquired a strange face for only $ 40! Prices dropped rapidly, and for almost a day, you could buy Ax at $ 14. However, this story has more chapters: prices have started again on Thursday and AX has risen to $ 28, doubling in a small point value. This price has been once again sustainable and now it's $ 21.

This versatile marketplace offers you the chance to earn money, or at least Steam bucks, and when I was writing, someone received four purchase orders from the Ax Steam market, even though they had a Hero Card. You can never ever use a copy in your carts. It will take a while to get down the market, so keep in mind if you are interested in buying or selling tickets.

What do you think of playing Artifact right now? You can play a permanent draft anytime without additional cost, but if you want to play undeveloped games with your own you need to have some cards. You have 10 packages with your initial purchase, and if you continue to get good cards, better. If you do not, you can buy the deck you want to play on the Steam market.

The price has been volatile in the first two days

To build the first Championship, WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: The force is currently underway and the first team has played. Group A, he won Strifecro Blue / Green combination deck $ 64 and Lifecoach the second Red / green ramp It costs $ 81. Group Bean, he won Xixo Red / Black Oath deck It's $ 40, while StanCifka took the second one Its Red / Black version It's $ 53

Comparing the deck prices with Magic Competitive Disks, you can see where your card players are coming from. In the Milwaukee Grand Prix, the top 10 deck cheaper was Jacob Tilk's Mono-White Aggro, $ 70 Magic Online and $ 251 in physical mode. Winner Adrian Sullivan played a Jeskai Control controlling Magic Control's $ 170 Magic Line and $ 534. From this perspective, Artifact is not expensive.

In fact, you can get all Artifact cards to get the Magic Magic single price. A whole set of artifacts, one for each Hero and three copies of all other cards, now cost $ 275 in the Steam market. The price has been during the first two days of volatile, open at $ 350 and $ 200 less than before saving $ 300, and then go back again. The forecast of our forecasts range from $ 200 to $ 300 for the entire set.

From the point of view of a computer gamer, however, Artifact looks very, very expensive. First of all, do you pay the price of a game, and then you have to pay two more games for good decks? Those who speculate on the leap and fall market and prices do not improve the early impression of the game outside the collective game card game. That said, it will not be very difficult if the price is $ 100, $ 200 or $ 300 if it's expensive.

Valve chose the evolution of the revolution and, thanks to the great hope that Valve has made as a publisher, the disappointment of computer players is understandable. I come from the backdrop of the card, though, maybe it's stolen. The artifact is a favorite of the collective card game genre, both in design and in a comparatively sharp price. But I compare it to Magic, and this story has not won with PC Gamers. We will keep a look at market fluctuations while we are working on our latest review.

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