Monday , January 25 2021

Cats have run out of court revenues that reveal endurance

EDMONTON – There are nights that you do not click with all cylinders. At night, the cars are locked at night in blocks, the engine disappears and the parts are distributed throughout the garage.

When you are having a last night, then you're joking about your defense and the best parking lot. Well, then you have no choice, right?

It is not in any way recoverable in any of these nights, right?

"We did not know," said coach Ken Hitchcock, horrified by his best players, scored a goal for eight minutes in the regulation and Edmonton Oilers won Florida 4-3 on Thursday.

"These games will really help them advance as a team," said Hitchcock, "because it's a sensible look, what they did."

He won the crucial Homestand leader in Edmonton All-Star Break, hovering under Oil-scuffling Wild-card spot. There are six games in this home circuit that are located in a Vancouver game, or you can take them to the barn to rest in the 2018-19 season.

"That has been a great win for us," said Cam Talbot, when James Reimer watched his opponent, he shot 18 shots on the grid over the line. "Certainly not so beautiful, but you can build such a victory at a time when we achieved the third goal, we had another unfortunate complaint against us.

"We could crash, but we went down and returned to the fight and we found a way of shooting."

And the coach Do not worry

Nobody can pull the juice out of a lemon like a Hymcock, on Friday afternoon dressing on a post-game podium on Friday.

"We were exhausted," his team began on the road to four games in California. "Everyone knew that, during the first half of the year, we did not have anything. They helped to help each other. They stopped in the chair. Good things happened, the boys encouraged each other to help each other.

"The hell of a sign is totally zero in the tank. I will come with two points, really, really impressive."

Connor McDavid has made his team once again, the game of the two-fifths goal debuted this season and the final goal set. To be honest, we saw a more dominant, but we used the deadline to spend three points in the same way as Wayne Gretzky.

When Leon Draisaitle (two aids) played eight seconds, Panthers shot 2-2 after Oilers defensemen and Talbot passed on at 14:02 in the third season. .

Darnell Nurse added a goal and support, striking at 31:49.

"We are leanin" on heavy guys, "admitted Hitchcock, who is, therefore, just because he has too many passengers these days. "Leon played (28:34), playing Connor (27:34). We are hard-working guys, we need to ensure everyone's rest and rest – no restriction to the" rest of the practice " There we're leanin 'over the top boys.

"We can use a few participants," he admitted, "but we have a lot of hard-working boys tonight (tanks).

Edmonton is a critical era, winning two of the last 10 games. They can not take their wild cards out of the way, and they have a chance to get a roll with a home that includes Florida, Arizona, Carolina and Detroit – with a Vancouver road game.

Oilers can look down the nose in any other group, but you've won either Detroits or Floridas, or missed the playoffs with them. Take your chance.

"Things are not good for us, so this is a great game," said Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who opened a shot shot. "It was the first game of homestead and after a tough bounce that was able to return late, we could not make any murmur, and we kept pushing and fighting and we did not leave the game."

Sometimes great and you lose. Sometimes you play, er, less than great and you win. When this happens, the only thing to do is to go on a walk with a smile and rest for the next time.

"You can take the positive ones," said McDavid. "We found a way to win a game that was not worth the time, but we're sticking to it.

"It was wonderful".

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