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CBRM reviews the rules of the parade after killing murder in the Yarmouthe Christmas Parade Local | News


SYDNEY, N.S. – Joe Costello did not sleep well Saturday night.

But Sydney's Santa Claus Parade helped the organization of Sydney because it found the main problems. According to all accounts, a five-kilometer route was a huge hit with thousands of audiences during the ceremony and was slip-and-hit.

His mess came about after the return of the home after the procession. Costello said he had only got the door, when a four-year-old girl died when Yarmouth fell under a float during the annual Christmas parade.

"As a parent and organizer, when I heard about Yarmouth's tragedy it was absolutely destructive. I really thought everything I did," said Costello, along with the Cape Breton Regional Council, as a coordinating entertainment program. .

Joe Costello
Joe Costello

"Right now, it's really emotional at this time, but I think it's very important that we take a deep look at our emotion when it comes to ensuring that we are covered by our basics and protecting ourselves best to ensure that the participants and audiences enjoy a fun time with this parade and other CBRM events all the time. ".

For this purpose, the City Hall's main staff and recreation department are expected to meet for a week, to take additional measures to prevent incidents such as tragedy on Saturday for Yarmouth.

According to Costello, security is the main priority of organizers. Strict rules were already in force and the boom of operators and participant flags was strengthened when they were registered in the pre-parade staging field.

As the rule regulates, the mobile person must be safely aboard and the legs can not hang on the edge, and horseback riding on the circuits does not leave in any way. Costello also said that the parade of a special court is increasing and declining for the procession to ensure compliance with certain regulations, such as compliance with "rules of non-sweets" and other regulations.

"We also have members of the Cape Breton Regional Police Service," he said.

"We take the parade, we have a motorcycle policeman, we had another bike and we had more cruise traffic, and ensuring that the parade is followed by the rules and the viewer is safe."

However, Costello said that, as regards a great event like the parade, the security of all stakeholders is a shared responsibility.

"We can do what we can, but parents and adults can also be there and children's care," he said.

Gerald Hazelhurst
Gerald Hazelhurst

The first response from veterans was that Gerald Hazelhurst was the safest Parade in Sydney. He has participated in several public events including parades including San Juan Ambulance and the Red Cross.

"I do not remember some serious problems involved in some parades," said Hazelhurst.

"But he told me that you have to take care of your children, if you look at your eyes, when they approach Santa, they are excited and jumping."


• Community at Monday afternoon of Yarmouth Monday

• The Yarmouth running of the bulls following the death of a young girl following the Christmas parade tragedy

Adults grow older than children.

"I've seen growns repeatedly crossing a right cross in front of the street to get to the other side – they do not think anything," he said.

"But when the most dangerous part of the parade has ended, traffic can be terrifying and people lose their Christmas spirit as soon as the parade is over and they can not wait to get out."

In the meantime, the schedule of the City Hall's Santa Claus cafe continues on Friday at Louisbourg (7:00 a.m.) on Saturday, Reserve Mines (1 p.m.) and Glace Bay (6 a.m.), Sunday's Sunday (4:15 p.m.) and North Sydney Saturday, December 8 (6:00 pm).

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