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New Ledger Nano X Wallet: Features, Release Date, Price (UPDATED) 101
Ledger Nano X. Source: Ledger

Ledger, a well-known cryptoconferencing hardware, launches a next-generation hardware store at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. (Text updates: prices, application support, video)

A new hardware portfolio called Ledger Nano X will be a support device for mobile devices. Instead of the old micro USB cable, it was necessary to validate the transaction to connect with a wireless Bluetooth connection. Along with the mobile version of Ledger Live, the popular cold store portfolio will become something that will be used in the template and will probably be able to practice real world purchases with cryptocurrency.

A new mobile application will be available in January. Fortunately, Ledger users who are not buying a new device can still use the window in read-only mode to verify the balance of some local cryptoconferts, but they can not send cryptography via Bluetooth.

Mashable, Ledger CEO spoke with Eric Larchevêque in December, that new wireless Bluetooth connectivity would not present the user's security risk:

"Private keys do not leave your device, connect it via Bluetooth or via USB cable, and even if someone may have a Bluetooth connection, you still see what coins are being sent to the phone screen you are sending," he said.

See the new Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque device:

Ledger Nano X supports 100 applications installed simultaneously. Compared with Ledger Nano S, it has ten times more storage space available, even if the application can be installed depending on the number of applications.

Apart from a slightly larger screen, the overall layout of the new design is very similar to the previous Ledger portfolio, currently 59 euros (67 USD) or 40% lower than in 2018.

With regard to prices, the new Nano X will be more expensive than the initial price of Nano S. The EUR 119 (USD 136) device will be available in March 2019. The company has already approved prepayments.

In a conversation Cryptonews.com In 2018, the CEO of Ledger said that in the last three years, the income of the portfolio business has gone to the third, now compared to 95%. The company aims to disseminate security solutions for hedge funds and financial institutions to govern the management of cryptographic assets. This and other steps, such as IoT (Internet-related things), help you to diversify your business and elasticity in the cryptography market. The company says that it sells 1 million bags.

Meanwhile, Marek Palatinus, CEO of SatoshiLabs (and creator Trezor hardware portfolio, main competitor of Ledger) Cryptonews.com In December, the company provides Lightning Network and Liquid support at Trezour.

"Additionally, we are allowing SD cards to be used with Trezor Model T to protect our users' encrypted passwords and files, as well as the safety innovations they need more than just the ones that are part of the restoration of seed funds for additional security." he added.

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