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CHEO confirms case 3 of rare diseases like polio

A pediatric and research center in East Ontario has confirmed that another child has been an acute myelitis flaccid, a type of paralytic illness, which causes paralysis.

Othewa CHEO spokesman said a boy arrived in the hospital in mid-December and was admitted. The child underwent some paralysis of an arm, but a few days later he was discharged.

Currently, it is the third case in the hospital diagnosed, and they are the third-largest.

Very little is known acute myelitis flácid, but the doctors have determined that there is no polio, although similar symptoms.

We went to hell.– Rachelle Downton

The paralysis of one or more bodies, facial eyes and eyelids, eye movement and difficulty breathing, and oral speech.

Children often experience breathing problems and, in severe cases, due to muscle weakness, ventilation is needed.

Parents offer support

The parents of another child with a similar symptom say they support any other family affected by a mysterious illness.

"We went to hell," said Rachelle Downton, his son Xavier, after 5 years, showing signs of a flu like a flu that worsened during the Labor Day weekend.

Recovery was not easy for Xavier or his family. He spent weeks in hospital, but gradually improved with physiotherapy and work therapy, and he returned to school shortly after Christmas.

Xavier Downton was diagnosed with acute flaccid ulcer CHEO, Labor Day during the weekend. (Judy Trinh / CBC)

However, it does not have the right arm control short and can only be used in vehicles or water. Alternatively, it is limited to a wheelchair.

Xavier is a perfectionist, said Downton. "He is crazy or says" I can not do it, "if he does not believe it [his exercises] properly. "

The newly diagnosed children's parents expect hope they will not lose hope.

"I really do get that thanks. I do not know yet," said the tears.

Rachelle and Chris Downton say that his son has improved Xabier over the last few months, but he can only walk or walk with the help of water. They appear with another son Kaleb. (Judy Trinh / CBC)

Evil mystery

Doctors say parents should seek medical help if their children continue to be a weakness in any part of their body, an unexpected loss of neck or neck pain or neck pain.

Doctors do not know how to cause illness. They do not know why most cases affect them or why they occur.

"Parents should remember that AFM is a very rare situation. They do not have to worry, they do not have to change the symptoms of diseases, fever and muscle, such as cold or flu-like symptoms, because it's not an AFM prediction way," he wrote. Dr. Asif Doja, CHEO's neurologist, in an email. "Parents will know how to go to the hospital when the symptoms of this very rare disease are dramatic and relevant."

According to Health Canada, this year, the number of cases of acute myelitis flaccid is almost 70.

Every 27-51 times a year on average.

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