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Children also die from cases of poisoning against opioid

A report by researchers at the Yale University killed almost 9,000 poisoning opioids among children and adolescents in the last 18 years. The majority of the deaths of the dead were the unexpected narcotic intakes, both prescription and unlawful. ( Pixabay )

The United States's opiate crisis has been experiencing almost 9,000 children from 1999 to 2016, researchers at Yale University have found.

The number of deceaseds has increased threefold over the next 18 years, and it is advisable for law enforcement and public health officials to stay in the hands of children and take medication.

The alarm report was published American Medical Association Magazine.

Injury deaths caused by opioids

The researchers presented a multiple cause of death for US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this way, they identified the deaths caused by poisoning from prescription and opioid opioids, from January 1, from 1999 until December 31. About 80% of deaths were not enough. Children and adolescents have been killed after accidentally eating drugs.

In the meantime, 5% of deaths related to opioids began to suicide. After killing teens, prescribing parental analgesia or damaged illegal narcotics infection.

About 2% of deaths were homicide. Five-year-olds were killed almost a quarter of the cases. 35% of this number had children under the age of 1.

Between 2014 and 2016, synthetic opioids were the main cause of death among elderly people. The heroin, synthetic opioid, was 24% of young people aged 15 to 19 years old.

Saving Youth from Opioid Advance

Although doctors have started to change their recipes, Julie Gaither, a professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine, and the author of the study, has warned that the number of deaths associated with opioids has increased the number of teens and heroin and fentanyl. Older teens have the highest risk of dying from opiates, with 88 percent of the death toll during the investigation period.

"These dead do not cause adult death from opioids, but they continue to be a similar pattern, "said Gainer." Epidemic, parents, doctors and how prescriptions affect how children and adolescents are affected and how our family and community are affected ".

Marc Fishman, a psychiatric addiction and professor at the John Hopkins University, has been added to USA Today as young people are also dealing with less compared to adults. He noticed that the problem is much more difficult to keep track of.

The mayor suggested that additional measures of security should be taken to allow the removal of drugs to children. The researcher said the storage of prescribed narcotic drugs like suboxone may lead to death.

Parents should also not use them for eliminating unnecessary tablets and for those who use prescription drug blocking.

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