Saturday , January 28 2023

Children get rid of death Yarmouth's Santa Claus parade, NS


A four-year-old girl dies after a dead Saturday night under a float Yarmouth, N.S. Parade of Santa Claus, the police said.

"The most tragic event, the parade and the traumatic people involved in the scene," said Cple. Dal Hutchinson of Nova Scotia RCMP.

"It seems to me that when a lot of people approached, so our thoughts are right now with the family of this little girl, which is very difficult, but also with the community, with people who were watching the parade."

Event 7: p.m. At the intersection of Main Street and Starrs Rd, in the center of Yarmouth. Yarmouth Christmas Nativity Parish Begins in 6 months. Saturday afternoon.

"It was not when mobile was floating on the cellphone when it fell under the float," said Hutchinson.

The girl RCMP officials and Emergency Health Services were directly treated and transferred to the Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

Hutchinson said he knew that there was a lot of people there and he suggested that people ask for help, by first answering, if they asked for help.

"If you are struggling with the testimonial, it is very important to talk about it and ask for help with these emotions," he said.

According to the RCMP spokesman, the police continue to hold talks on Saturday night. They do not force them to cover light charges, the spokesman has added.

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