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China's NYC-Sized Earth Warning System & # 39; Array sounds more like a way to talk about submarines

China has reported that massive massive frequencies, or ELF, antenna, New York size, as well as lower system and related data processing and signal transmission facilities have been built across parts of the country. Officially, the entire system, known as Project Wireless Electromagnetic Method or Project WEM, will support the extraction of Chinese resource extraction and will cause earthquakes. However, it seems that its first function can be very long-term to communicate with Chinese submarines to collect nuclear missile-permitting critical capabilities.

The South China Morning Post
Update of the WEM Project on December 31, 2018. Antenna and other sites have been over ten years old. In fact, the Chinese XI programs. It was the main component of the Five Year Plan. Although it started in 2006, China has been particularly hidden around the project and does not officially explain the location of the main array. The project is part of the WEM project's most important part of the project, located in the center of the country located in the Huazhong region Post.

ELF radio waves have a proven ability to penetrate the underwater depth and ground. In principle, this means that a large antenna giant can be useful for detecting underground natural resources, such as precious metals or fossil fuels. Mining companies already use laser radar laser-based laser radar and similar images.

A motion control system under the surface of the earth can also be used. This, at the same time, can create significant earthquakes, and are not common in many countries. The most deadly earthquakes in all time occurred in China in the 16th century. In the century, 820,000 and 830,000 people were killed based on Ming Dynasty records.

AP Photo / Mark Schiefelbein

Inner Mongolia working in a coal mine of Chinese.

There really is a real sin in the ELF application, one of these civilian roles, and Chinese researchers have published a work on these issues. The WEM funding project also began with projects for civil projects projects, depending on the project Post.

But at the same time, significant information is a significant piece of information that suggests that the Chinese government is of secondary importance. The ability to penetrate hundreds of feet of the wave of the ELF radio has long been an attractive way of communicating with the submarine.

In the comparison, a very low frequency, or VLF, can reduce the waves to less than 100 feet. This means that submarines have to be relatively close to the surface or to expand a towed antenna to these communication systems. This risk prevents them from abandoning their position and preventing the fight against anti-forces.


US Navy chart showing some submarine communication opportunities and their relative risk. The VLF / ELF "stealth" transmission "bell" icon shows the submarines used only for "bell rings" to get more information about finding a safe place to get closer to the surface.

Modern submarines, especially nuclear engines and ships, have one of the greatest benefits of advanced and non-nuclear out-of-the-air non-self-propelled systems, must be secretive for a long time. This gives them intrinsic quality deterrents. Likewise, in addition to gathering intelligence, in the case of conventional land attacks or nuclear missile abilities, in times of crisis, the strikes strike or disassociate in times of crisis.

So it is not necessarily surprising that the Chinese 724 Research Institute, the Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), one of the leading communications and other electronic providers, was the People's Liberation Army Army (PLAN). WEM construction. Lu Jianxun, the project's main scientist, participates in the public work of advanced communications in the PLAN Post notify

Qiao Tianfu / Color China Photo / AP

Attack on the Chinese Type 091 Nuclear.

The president of the CSIC, Hu Wenmin, visited May, 2017. "He expressed the appreciation of the Wem project and presented the opinions and demands based on the monitoring of the project development and the technical applications in the application areas," read the following statement.

The Post He also published a translated map showing the WEM system project component, according to PLANs. In addition to the huge giant in the center of China, it seems to be near the South China coast, which is located near Hainan's main submarine base.

Through PLANA South China Morning Post

On the map shows the overall location of the WEM component projects.

"Although I'm involved in the project, I do not know where it is. It's up to now," said Chen Xiaobin, a geological researcher, said the Chinese earthquake administration Post, indicates the level of security of the project, which seems to be excessive in accordance with its civil objectives. "This facility will have an important use of military when war is broken."

Unfortunately, ELF systems are not significantly effective and require large areas in very specific positions to provide reasonable communication skills. They also receive mobile information and send them quickly, sending messages with very low text messages. Submarines do not have the only necessary space for ELF transmitters, these single-warning alerts often put the ship's crew safely in place to receive real instructions.

Only three other countries – United States, Russia and India – have been or have submarine communications subway lines. U. Navy closes the last block of its arrays in 2004, officially obsolete, with very low frequencies or improvements in VLF communication systems. Navy 16 E-6B The Mercury strategic communications plane fleet, along with terrestrial VLF stations, now supplies the United States military nucleus to communicate with submarines.


U.S. Navy Clam Lake ELF transmitter building image of the main building in 1982.

The United States Army still uses VLF waves, called "Emergency Action Messages", a key part of the Nuclear Strike process, to read in more detail here. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon's top research and development weapons, is also exploring the potential of laser and space-based communication opportunities.

However, in China, with the greatest power of underwater force, without being able to communicate with ships, they do not have a surface area or almost no surface area, it is a key competence. China created a low-frequency low-frequency supercharger or SLF in 2009 and then demonstrated the ability to communicate with deep-sea underwater underwater plots.

The ELF offers a different way to receive information on ships from under-boat for at least one ship, new orders or other information received. It also offers a great deal of remote communication capability, since the PLAN will be useful as long as it continues to work throughout the regional power throughout the world.

More importantly, however, the WEM project could be key to the development of the Chinese nuclear missile launch pad (SLBM) in its underwater nuclear weapon. In this case, missile submayive (or SSBN) capabilities for long periods of time is essential to ensure that they are capable of detecting and attacking the attack and, if necessary, their role.

Nowadays, Chinese military personnel are not close to nuclear control and nuclear infrastructure, both in the air and in the ground. One or more large ELF matrices would be an effective way of increasing short-term communication opportunities in the country's SSBN force, size and scope.

In 2018, the strength of the nuclear anti-nuclear disaster based on China's submarine stood out, much more mature than publicly understood. In November 2018, a number of PLANS 094. JinSubmarine nuclear mileage rafts made it the first flight of the first JL-3 underwater compass pilot flight with a speed of around 5,600 km. You can only use the existing targets of JL-2 over 4,350 miles.

In the same month, satellite imagery featured four types of type 094 type PLANA and two more buildings. China has not publicly confirmed how many Jin-Klass boats have or are expected to produce.

"Four Chinese operations JinSSBN classes represent the credibility and marine creation of the first Nuclear Solvent in China, "the United States military said in the 2018 edition of the United States Military Power." The next generation of Chinese Type 096 SSBN, JL-3 tracking should be armed, SLBM will probably start construction at the beginning of 2020 ".

In order to be credible for powerful Chinese nuclear powered underwater submarines, it will be enough for communication and command and control architecture to be enough. The project line of the WEM project began the same year when it appeared in the first publicly available satellite imagery 094, depending on the development we could see. Central location in Central China is even more difficult to put opponents in a crisis.

It has to be taken into account that China continues to use ELF communications for a long time or if it ultimately leaves it as if it had been favored by the United States. But the WEM project means that countries are willing to make significant investments in technology to improve their ability to communicate and control their large and large power submarines today.

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