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Chop and cheese are healthy? The doctors team says the Canadian Food Guide diet is wrong

Liverpool nurses, doctors, and dietitians are trying to stop the power in a lively hospital in Liverpool, according to Dr. Barbra Allen Bradshaw, who says "the Canadian Food Guide is getting sick."

High-calorie diet carbohydrates and low-fat foods, as national food experts suggest, is not a pathway to a healthy heart or body, he said. "It's a bad tip."

Allen Bradshaw, Abbotsford's pathologist, B.C., is part of a group of medical practitioners all over the country, in a crusade for the way Canadians eat.

In the last two years, his colleague, Carol Loffelmann, an anesthetist from Toronto, has spent a lot of free time traveling to the country, colleagues and Canadian leaders have been entrusted with eating fewer carbohydrates than the government recommended. Such as steak and cheese, although it flies to conventional foods.

Health campaigns are all about waiting to see whether they hear a message on the wild campaign.

Since 2016, Canada's Canadian Hospitals, Therapeutic Foods, non-profit non-profit nationals, governments, letters, Ottawa gatherings and a parliamentary request signed by 5,000 Canadians. The plan to carry out the next iteration for the new Food Guide at the beginning of 2019, according to a Health Canada spokeswoman.

Allen Bradshaw and Loffelmann, who work at the San Miguel Hospital, will not be considering new recommendations based on the most recent scientific evidence, and Canadians may continue to be overweight, medication based on diabetes, liver disease and metabolic syndrome.

In a strange email, Health Canada has said that new tips are being consolidated, the latest evidence of food science is being updated and will be released publicly at the beginning of 2019.

"The food guide has benefited from the input of the interested parties," said email. "We are considering all the opinions".

In a recent cafe in downtown Barcelona, ​​women, as they were online, said recommendations, to a certain extent, based on evidence released by Health Canada in 2015, may limit Canadian sugar and encourage them to eat full rather than food. They are good things, they said.

However, they have said Health Canada remains strong and obsolete. For example, some studies show that diets that reduce saturated fats, such as beef and butter, suffer from heart disease.

But the jury of science is basically discussing the full effect of saturated fat in health, and so women have said, in these cases and sometimes, the Food Guide "must be silent." Or carry out rigorous and independent review of the research.

The women's crusade began a few years ago, struggling with losing weight.

After loosing his second child, Loffelmann continued to advise him, when he informed the Nutrition Driver, he studied at a medical school. She ate cornflakes, put on whole wheat with white dough, and added butter. The healing of the guide's guide to less and lesser healing took on an intense exercise. But with time, the waist grew larger.

On the other side of the country, with Allen Bradshaw having the same type of diet, he had to lose weight and overcome his pregnancy during the third pregnancy.

Regardless, the two women began to look for answers to diverge in depth in the scientific literature. The majority of the Food Guide's advice did not support current science.

They started experimenting. Advocating a nationally punished nation to eat against eating fatty yogurt and stinging rice and pasta, they lost weight. He staggered hunger all the time.

Both went to the Internet to share the successes, surprising and surprising that they shared with a small medical group in their country. Small women grew when women shared their results. Over time, they were heard from Canadian doctors as they began to prescribe the same type of anti-food food guide for their patients.

"Suddenly, doctors see that their patients get medication, they lose weight and mark the markers of the disease and the disease will disappear," said Allen Bradshaw.

It was the turning point for women.

190 armed with a letter signed by doctors, were sent to Canada for 2016, and 35 years after the government entered the country's kitchens, the population has become fat and ill.

Their letter instructed the bureaucrats on the available evidence in 2014, considering that current studies are useful. The following letter added: "Stop creating a calorie deficit for easy management of sustainable weight control in any language."

The answer was a form letter. Women responded with a more detailed version of their initial correspondences, for the time being, relevant research and signed by 700 medical practitioners, signed between doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Federal Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor received a deeper response.

His ministry "has high quality reports systematically on the opinions of food and health organizations", United States federal agencies and organizations around the world. And he continued to continue with more evidence.

Later and later, doctors were invited to Ottawa to meet Canadian Health.

Last May, in the morning, women, along with three others, included Dr. Andrew Samis, Kingston, Ont. Critical and stroke support from the doctor was outside the parliamentary building headquartered with Canadian Health. They breathed deeply. After a few minutes they worked in a room.

For more than two hours, they have explained their attitude, as Samis said, it should not review the science of saturated fat, and evaluate how the government assesses how to evaluate the use of its recommendations.

In addition, the bureaucrat, Hasan Hutchinson, CEO of Canadian Health Food Policy and Promotional Director, said that Canada, many multiculturalists, would have to give a variety of dietary choices, more than just a size. On several occasions, he said that the study supports five legitimate dairies, such as plants, low-fat, Mediterranean, ancient paleos – fruits, vegetables and many proteins – and ceto, carbohydrates and high fat. Samis said: "We felt really we're listening."

But shortly after meeting, Samis heard Hutchinson's old and tired advice on the radio. "It was amazing," he said.

The final effort to persuade the Parliament was a parliamentary petition signed by 5,000 Canadians, and Parliament's Parliamentary Assembly presented on September 26 an out-of-court review of the parliamentary elections, which could lead to new councils.

That way, doctors have waited for it. And they spread the message to webinars and talks from all over the country.

At CFB Trenton, Allen Bradshaw spent 14 years in the Canadian army medicine, drank in the atmosphere and nostalgia for the time of reserves, to help the army doctors go to the wounded assistants. The judge said that it consumes most of the dietary anti-diet, especially breastfeeding, the Patients who follow the Food Guide and should stop blaming patients who do not lose weight, he said. "It's not their fault."

Michele Henry is a Toronto researcher at Toronto. Follow on Twitter: @michelehenry

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