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Christianity and Islam are not confused, the man says in Trudeau Town Hall. Booed people, but engaged in PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made more questions about immigration politics on Thursday at Regina University, staying in the second town hall for two nights.

At this time, the question covers the limits of Canada and proposed that Christianity and "do not confuse" Islam.

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One man said that life was in the Regina area, said Trudeau to see what was happening on the "global stage" and asked the Prime Minister about what he was doing about the "open border" of Canada.

"When Germany, France and other European countries came across the same fence, I was seeing a tyranny, because we have a vast border there, freely, and what do we do especially about it, the open border?" He asked.

"You are talking about what my freedom and my life have given me, while one's life goes down, and if you're saying that, yes, that's not going to happen to us. It's all happening."

Trudeau asked him to determine what he was talking about. He responded "people do not say, because these two cultures do not mix".

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"Which cultures?" Trudeau asked.

"Men of Islam and Christianity" responded to some boos and heckles.

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Trudeau wanted to reassure the crowd, saying: "Democracy works only in a country like Canada, so people are free to express their fears, their concerns, and their opinions."

After the question, he said, "We want to make it clear they want to kill us. And you're leaving."

The Prime Minister made a lengthy explanation that helped immigrants to help Canada.

"Canada remains the only country in the world, as citizens are constantly changing with immigration," said Trudeau.

"For such reasons, let Canadians rely on our immigration system."

Canadian immigration system "Beyond being a foreigner, he worked very well, helping with integration, helping to grow in our communities, helping to grow the country."

He pledged to respond to 40,000 Syrian refugees in Canada, and Canada's countries joined and "welcomed Syrian families because people had escaped their lives, civil war, conflict, bombings, and children as a result of a terrible future."

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The country's authorities, Former Prime Minister Brad Walle, repeatedly proposed that the federal government suspend plans to solve more than the security concerns of Syrian refugees.

Canadian Statistics in Toronto has shown comparable correspondence between new immigrants and violent crimes, such as sexual assault, common assault and robbery.

The same research has also found that "the proportion of new immigrants in a neighborhood is greater, the rate of crime is lower, violent crime, compassion and other types of robbery."

These results, according to research, coincided with the "best international studies".

"Thus, as all others are equal, high-ranking neighborhoods have criminal rates," he added.

A study of violent hate crime has also shown that Muslims have directed Canadian measures.

In 2017, Muslims reported to the police that they had appeared to 123 violent enemies, while the 53 Jews were addressing these incidents.

Muslims hate hatred constitute 15% of all fluctuations. With the Jews, seven percent less.

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Regina came to an event when she questioned Trudeau's immigration – specifically for Syrian refugees – Kamloops, B.C. in town hall

There, Trudeau asked: "What do you think the Canadian lifestyle is acceptable under your refugee leadership?"

13-year-old Marris Shen died in Burnaby, B.C. who was dead in the park. In 2017

Ibrahim Ali, a Syrian refugee, has been the first murderer of death.

"Generalizations and dangers that we fully comprehend, which are linked to immigration policies such as incidents like this, is not helpful, it's a diverse, diverse, diverse and healthy society like ours," Trudeau said.

The world said that "his heart is hardening for immigration" and that he does not see "the economic benefits of satisfaction and a better future for those who have a better future for themselves and their children." "

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