Monday , October 18 2021

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The old man has been hanging over the Canadian Atlantic for more than a month, but this morning at 6:23 a.m., afternoon, it will be officially winter after cold weather. Winter weather, that is, the weather winters from December to the end of February. It's another story of the past.

The winter solstice will hit the winter season. Today, the sun is the brightest point in the south, or directly over the Capricorn's Tropic. Marks the shortest day of the year according to the hours of the day. The word solstice means "sun stand" or "sun is still".

Many people believe that the sun is causing seasons in the sun, but it is a land that is winter and summer.

Is your glass half full or empty? While the number of signals in the shortest day of the year continues, there will be more days in the next days!

The next few days, Fertilizers weather was very close in December. He also kept an eye on the moon. The new moon was a Christmas day, it would be a very bad winter. This year, the new moon of December was on December 7th and 18th before Christmas. Surely I am glad to hear this!

On the moon on Earth's moon, full moon on December, Full Moon will appear on the night of December 21, although its absolute peak will not be until the next day.

Sokeep your eyes on Friday, full moon The winter solstice was wrinkled; the occurrence is very rare. The next full moon that matches the winter solstice will not be beuntil2094!

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