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Class action suit presented by the Airport Authority in Kalgary


Calgary Law Offices The Kalgary Airport Authority intends to make an improvement fee by asking the airlines about "an anti-contract crime" and "unfair wealth". WestJet Boeing 737 starts at the Calgary International Airport.

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A law firm in Calgary urges the Kalgary Airport Authority to improve the cost, as airlines demand a "contract crime" and "unfair wealth".

Mathew Farrell told the Guardian Law Group that the request of the Palestinians had resigned on behalf of a lawyer.

Farrell does not use the entire quota for the airport, and part of the funds are given to airlines as a "collection fee".

"Four percent … will enter the pocket of each card (and) not on the way to improving the airport," said Farrell.

The improvement fee is only collected from Calgary International Airport travelers, Calgary points out as an "origin or destination", said Farrell, adding "exempted passengers excluded" to the user quota.

Farrell adds an automated rate and the Calgary International Airport is added to any card that is either an outlet or an airport destination.

Guardian Law ", which defines the unfair wealth, the breach of the rules of the law, said that the" airport authorities "in relation to the quota since 1997 was" exceeding "their jurisdiction and authority".

Calgary Airport Authority Spokeswoman Reid Fiest refused the lawsuit.

"The Calgary Airport Authority does not offer this claim, and that's why we're not able to respond," he said in an e-mail message, and there's a link to the website with that information. Airport Improvement Fee.

Farrell's improvement rates were not only by the Airport Authority of Calgary, but said that $ 30.00 is the highest airport in Canada.

"The airlines receive a pickup quota for some airports across the country … this is happening all over the country, but this is not appropriate."

In court it has not been reported.

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